A Zombie Theme Park To Save Detroit, Really?

The last thing Detroit needs is dead people walking. Well, Z World creator Marl Siwak disagrees with me. Mark says he has an idea that could revitalize the brushed off city, by developing a zombie theme park in one of Detroit’s abandoned neighborhoods. 

According to the Huffington Post, Paying customers would be chased by a growing horde of zombies (all professionals) through a cordoned-off, desolate section of the city, seeking shelter in abandoned homes and factories and businesses.

Z World creator Siwak, who has  launched a fundraiser  on IndieGoGo (he’s raised $2,200 of the $140,000 needed to meet his goal), says that the city of Detroit needs to consider creative solutions to areas of urban blight. He has a point.

Mayor Dave Bing’s long-touted campaign promise was the implementation of theDetroit Works Project, which could ultimately relocate residents from blighted districts to more populated areas in an attempt to centralize city services. Spread across 140 square miles, Detroit proper is so large that the entire cities of San Francisco and Boston, plus the borough of Manhattan, can fit inside its borders.

And Siwak says, with all that land, there’s room in the Motor City for a zombie theme park. He even compares his idea to the city’s famed Heidelberg Project, in which artist Tyree Guyton transformed the empty homes of his neighborhood into a large-scale art installation.

I think its great that anyone wants to make a difference and revamp Detroit, I mean it seems the city has been left to the dark for ages, so maybe this theme park idea isn’t so bad after all.

What do you think? Stupid idea or can he go somewhere with this?

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/02/zombie-apocalaypse-detroit-theme-park_n_1644298.html?ref=topbar

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