NU’EST Starts The ‘Action’

NU’EST is THE only male Kpop group I’m feeling right now and since the year started. No, it’s not because they’re After School‘s labelmates, well, partly, but it’s mostly due to the fact that these guys demonstrate more confidence, swag, talent, and fierceness than any of the male groups out now. I just caught their music video for the new single “Action” and I’m beyond impressed. The song is catchy, the beat is hot, and the choreo is off the hook. Check it out and tell us what you think:

Credit: Pledisnuest

3 thoughts on “NU’EST Starts The ‘Action’

  1. The first boy group of PLEDIS leading the trend with creation of new and stylish music! The name of urban electro band ‘NU'EST’ stands for NU(new), Establish, Style and Tempo, meaning ‘creation of new music corresponding to new style’ in full. They made their first appearance in media through music videos of their mentors, and they are now expressing their talent in various ways such as performing in numerous music broadcasting stages including their participation for 2012 HAPPY PLEDIS project album. In an era with abundance idols, NU’EST has made their unique mark with their distinct color and style, representing the ‘new style icon’.

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