It’s Madonna, Always Expect Some Controversy

Madonna is globally known as the queen of pop, but something else she takes the crown for is controversy. So, during a recent stop in Paris on her tour the pop icon flashed her nipple and posterior to the audience. No big deal, right. I mean we’re all pretty much used to her showing something now and then. What no one anticipated was Madonna showing a video of Marine Le Pen, a French political party leader, wearing a Swastika. *Note: This is an equilateral cross with four arms bent at right angles.

The party has threatened to sue Madonna over the video, which has been shown on all the tour stops so far. Le Pen had previously stated that the party would sue had Madonna shown the video in France and in true Madonna fashion, she did just that. 

Now, in case you’re not as familiar with the pop icon’s track record for controversial music videos, they’re often in reference to something she feels strongly about. Over the years, she’s emphasized on sexuality, women gaining power and control in society, on top of other things. In regards to this video, many are saying the singer is targeting Le Pen for her views on limiting Muslim immigration in France, which is why Madonna put her on blast. 

Is it over way over the line now for the artist also known as the queen of controversy? I think not. Madonna has never been one to sit down when told to do so. She’s quite the free spirit and once she believes in something trust me when I say she will make it known. This recent case is just the latest, giving proof that Madonna is still continuing to push the envelope with her art. They’re calling this her latest shocking behavior, but I don’t see anything shocking about it. That’s just Madonna.

What do you think? Are people making a big deal out of something Madonna is known to do, or has she seriously crossed the line this time?



One thought on “It’s Madonna, Always Expect Some Controversy

  1. Madonna is like an old grandma why is she still behaving in such a way lol..i guess some ppl just never change

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