54 Interviews, Again! Hehehehehehehehe!!

This is a post dedicated entirely to promoting, our sister site 54interviews endeavors, again. To be quite honest, she has been treated like a step child for so long, it’s time she got her deserved shine. 

 A little bit of history, will help eh, diffuse (?) confusion as to who, what, where, did what (JK, I see you!).

Kai and Ms. EY (she who is writing this post), are friends and business partners on Embrace You Magazine. However, we are two very unique individuals, with of course, differing interests. Mine happens to be 54 interviews a   work in progress project (read digital magazine, in the works), that Kai assists behind the scenes! She too has some good yummyliciousness, she is quietly working on!! When are you going to let them in on what’s happening, partner?!


Assist is not a good enough word, wait, I cannot even begin to describe, or should I say account for the amount of technical awesomeness and knowledge she brings to the table.  Ya’ll, Ms. Ey, ain’t about widgets, and all that shit. OOooooh, I know, she is the Creative Director-of my baby! I absolutely LOVE her, and this is why I am here to talk ya’ll to death  about. Basically, give you enough reasons as to why you should eh, shower her with gifts, comments, link, shares, love, e-mails you name it! After all, sharing is caring.

Ms. EY if you didn’t already know, is an African sista (she got soul! OW!) and proud of her roots. But ya’ll know that the media will not let me and my ancestors be great! Supposedly, we are all infected with the deadly virus (gasp!), are impoverished, uneducated (say warr now?!), you name it. So, my baby 54interviews, is here to dispel those myths, in an engaging informative manner, with lots and lots of cool interviews with folks from Africa, making moves. It is not a platform created in a hypocritical manner in which current and past realities are dismissed, rather it is an exciting journey about the other side of Africa, that is rarely talked about!

Yes, ya’ll! Guess what, Jonah was not swallowed by a whale and spat out three days later, for the media to distort your perspectives on the cradle of civilization. Uh uh! That was not why he was sent to Ninevah. There was a purpose, and higher calling for all that drama. To spread the good Word! Here, I am like the proverbial Jonah, finally heeding my call! So what’s in store for you, my dear potential readers?! Peep the list below.

  • Detailed interviews with various movers and shakers from around the continent
  • Business and economic material, with an entrepreneurial focus .
  • A village square, in which we-me, you, and our moda’s congregate to hush out important conversations, be they deep like the floors of the Indian ocean or shallow like my affinity to Lance Gross, as they pertain to and affect Africa. Simply put, uplifting discourse

Those three bullet points, are only the tip of the iceberg.  Was I convincing enough, or did I just blow a breath of bad stank into your face? 

Eagerly waiting to see your comments down below

Happy commentings!!

2 thoughts on “54 Interviews, Again! Hehehehehehehehe!!

  1. JK, that’s why I absolutely heart thee my dear! I soooo totally love your description of my posts (bizarre-ness). Yap! That’s what they are a whole lot of krayness! Girrrrl, I’ll try my hardest to squeeze in a post here. Been very very busy! I see my girl, Kai has been holding the forte down tho! By the way, just so you know, Kai does let me know when you holla holla! Your comment made my day, errm night?! Thanks!

  2. Aww! Ya’ll are so nice. And yes I have to admit I see Ms. Kai more than Ms. EY around EMBRACE YOU and I do love her posts, but yours as well. You’re both very different in terms of the articles I see from each. I notice Kai is always featuring a variety of music, fashion, movies, and nice places to travel to. Ms. EY, I love your random posts and of course would like to see that more. I just love the bizarre-ness you bring to the table. Keep up the good work. By the way, love the new layout on both sites, very elegant and clean cut.

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