‘Mike’ has the ‘Magic’ Touch!

I always considered Matthew McConaughey to be a part-time stripper so the fact that he ended up in Magic Mike didn’t surprise me one bit. The man is inlove with his bod. Have you noticed? Sure you have, Matt doesn’t wear clothes. Anyways, now that I’ve gotten his endless public display of skin out of the way, let’s talk about Channing Tatum and of the sexiest films released this year, Magic Mike. 

The Steven Soderbergh picture tells the story of a professional male stripper teaching an up and comer how to perform, satisfy women, and earn fast cash while doing it. While I’m never one to care for movies about stripping, the fact that I get to see Channing dance again in any form was just thrilling. I loved his performance in Step-Up and have been anticipating him throwing it down on the floor, or stage, whatever his platform may be, so Magic Mike was sort of satisfying, but not in a perverted way. Oh never, he’s married after all, as is Matt. 

I guess its safe to say I really enjoyed the movie. It was funny, interesting, exciting, insightful in regards to male stripping and what their lives are like, so I would say it’s informative and educating as well? Maybe not that intense, but it sure was something. 

Magic Mike stars the ever lovable Olivia Munn, Alex Pettyfer, and James Martin Kelly. Check out the trailer and go see the movie if you haven’t yet, it’s blowing up movie theaters nationwide.


What do you think of the movie?

One thought on “‘Mike’ has the ‘Magic’ Touch!

  1. loved it and can’t wait to see it again Friday!Rating: I was lucky enough to score a couple of tickets to the special screening in Boston thrown by Gilt. As part of the special package they served cupcakes and champagne before the screening…but the real dessert was definitely Channing! I’ve seen a couple of his films before..wouldn’t’t have said I was a Channing fan or anything like that..but I like romantic comedies, and he seems to be the go to guy…but seeing him in this movie literally blew my panties off. This movie isn’t just a stripper film…I can only describe Magic Mike as a TOTAL PARTY.. it’s funny, shocking…and surprisingly heart felt..I really wanted Magic Mike to get the girl (as if there was ever any doubt)Yes, there’s dancing, yes they’re nearly naked..but I thought the relationship between Magic Mike and ‘The Kid’ was really great..all the guys are funny (and of course hot) but there’s great chemistry between the whole group. For people who think this is just a film for the ladies and the gays, I think you’re wrong…the two straight guys who were with our group really liked the film..and who cares if they (pretended?) to cover their eyes during the stripping scenes…they liked seeing guys party..it’s definitely a male fantasy I think..to be up there and to make women scream for you to take your clothes off. I’d never seen Cody Horn in a film before..she’s definitely got that ‘next big star’ quality. I could totally see Matthew Mcconoughay getting some sort of award nomination for his role as the strip club owner, ‘Dallas’…but seriously..I’ve never seen Channing be this good…Brad Pitt should stay home with the kids, because he’s definitely been replaced as the hottest man alive in my book..I’m going to start the campaign now for Channing to be People Magazine’s sexiest man alive for 2012!

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