Too Mature?

Jacob Latimore‘s newest single has me thinking, a lot. And no, it’s not because the music video has a slight resemblance to Omarion’s “Touch.” I’ve been riled up for another reason. Jacob is fifteen at the moment, so why is he singing songs about sex? I mean, even though the lyrics are quite evident of that fact, with a title like “You Come First” what more proof do you need. Oh and by the way, he pauses a bit after come, reiterating his point. If you haven’t seen the viral or listened the track then please do so before going any further:

I’ve seen various sites around the net bringing up the same issue. Some calling it hypocritical because that’s all the more older artists sing and rap about. But to me, I guess its because he’s so young. But I do see their point as well. I mean, the older ones are loved and seen as role models despite whether or not they’d liked to be. Many young people look up to what they do and even emulate them. But isn’t it up to young entertainers like Latimore to try and break that mold, set an example so to speak? He shouldn’t be doing the same thing. But then again, I guess it goes back to the fact that sex sells, no matter at what age.

I can’t see myself agreeing with this song because teenage pregnancy and STDs is too common among young people in the States to have songs like these performed by none other than a teenager. Then again, that’s just me.

What do you think?


Credit: JacoblatimoreVEVO

One thought on “Too Mature?

  1. It was predicted that in the last days babies will be acting like adults, giving birth, sexing, all that stuff. I’m not surprised by the American music market these days, cause they more than other industries around the world promote sex more than ever. Bunch of devil worshippers. PLEASE DO NOT CORRECT THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT:

    Jacob Latimore is managed by Sony Music. One of the biggest endorser of satanism in the music industry. This is a global label, meaning to handles sub-labels around the world. Aint that messed up. I still hold firm to the belief that they exploit and use up great singers until they kill them off.

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