Dreams Do Come True!

Gabby Douglas has not only made it to her first olympics as apart of the U.S Gymnastics team, but she’s now the first African American in history to receive a gold medal in the individual all-around event. Wonderful accomplishments indeed, so why are people more concerned with her hair that the fact that she’s performed exceptionally well at the Olympics? with foolishness aside, EY would like to congratulate Gabby Douglas. This young lady stands as an example that through hard work and determination, dreams can come true.Β 

We’ll continue to support her in hopes that she’ll continue her winning streak on August 6th and 7th, though I doubt she needs any luck. The girl is flawless.

One thought on “Dreams Do Come True!

  1. I’m happy for her because she’s African American. I like this sport but don’t understand the scoring. I was watching it for the first time in this olympics and I have a new found admiration for these people. Their bodies are quite special if not unique. How the hell can you bend your back like that? aren’t they worried about injuring their spines? do they even have spines? LOL of course they do. silly me

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