Mariah Carey remains “Triumphant”

I like Mariah’s latest single “Triumphant,” but for some reason and it just might be me, but the track sounds more like she’s being featured. Rick Ross and Meek Mill lend their skills to the urban pop/hip hop influenced single while Mariah is only heard on the hook and bridge. I’m not sure if the song was cut in half for the YouTube audio sample but it just sounds like its missing a lot of MC. Listen for yourselves:

Credit: MariahCareyVevo

One thought on “Mariah Carey remains “Triumphant”

  1. I agree it sounds chopped but I do like her parts. I don’t see the reason for Meek Mill & Rick Ross on this track, other than the fact that they’re popular now. Anyways, I’m longing for Mariah’s return to her soulful days.

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