Lightning “Bolt” does it again!

Haters, let the race speak for itself. Usain Bolt has claimed victory once more in the men’s 100m. Yes, he’s had a not so flawless moment leading into the Olympics, but nevertheless, Bolt knows how to deliver when it gets down to business. To think many, and I have to admit myself included, had thoughts of “maybe his counterpart Yohan Blake could take the Gold but after seeing his performance in the qualifying rounds I just knew he was beyond ready. 

EY congratulates the Jamaican for once again giving the world a remarkable display of pure talent. Let’s see what he’ll do in the coming 200m and 4×100 relay. 


Credit: Yahoo! Sports

One thought on “Lightning “Bolt” does it again!

  1. I had goose bumps seeing his performance last night. YES, LAST NIGHT. Those morons at NBC should not be allowed to broadcast anymore Olympics. Their coverage sucks. Can’t believe we had to watch replays instead of the live action. This is a race you air live, like really NBC is just the worst!

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