Ever Heard Of Mauritius?

I hadn’t until today. Thanks to my blog’s site stat. Anyways, the Republic of Mauritius is an island nation off the southeast coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Mauritius Island is part of the Mascarene Islands, with the French island of Réunion to the southwest and the island of Rodrigues to the east. 

What a beautiful discovery. 

Mauritius is a densely populated island of around 1.2 million people. It has a reputation for stability and racial harmony among its mixed population. Mauritius is known as a plural society where all the ethnic groups present: Hindus, Muslims, Creoles, Chinese and Europeans live in peace and where all the ancestral cultures have been preserved. These features make the island a unique place in the world, and the Mauritians known for their tolerance and kindness towards all people.

Mauritius is packed with awesome attractions to give you a mind blowing experience on the island. From beautiful botanical gardens, giant turtles and extraordinary crocs, to deep sea diving and wild safari tours. This is a great destination for families.

And of course you’ll want to shop for souvenirs on your trip. Well, it seems straw bags is a must to get along with other items on your shopping trip. 

One has to eat even on vacation. I mean, how will you enjoy your trip if you’re starving? Mauritius food has its origins from three continents. The local cuisine includes a mixture of Creole, Indian, African, and Asian. The most popular dishes are Creole curry, beef black beans, fried rice, samoussas, batons fromages, and Daube de Poisson. Mouth watering right?

I almost forgot about dancing and nightlife. Mauritius is known for the traditional dance Sega, which is originated from the ritual music of Madagascar and the mainland of Africa. It is described as the Mauritian way of life: Joy, carefree and lively.

All in all its guaranteed to be a life changing experience. So I’ve heard. Well, wouldn’t you want to travel to a place as gorgeous and as “life changing” as Mauritius? I know I do.


Credit: mauritiusattractions

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