Brandy “Puts it on” Chris Brown

Well, not exactly. It’s nothing but an innocent flirtation between the two. There’s nothing really major about the video, I don’t get fireworks, but it’s passable. I like the song at least. Tell us what you think.


Credit: BrandyVeVo

3 thoughts on “Brandy “Puts it on” Chris Brown

  1. I agree with you both! I “Liked” the song. That’s it. Liked it even more when I saw the Video, cause I’m a HUGE fan of them both! But they seemed so disconnected in this video to me, as if they shot all of their scenes separately, accept for one. But over all, it’s a nice catching tune to sing!

  2. Brandy is so beautiful. I like the song but i’m not in love with it. I’m waiting for something much better from her.

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