Music Review: Elle Varner’s “Perfectly Imperfect”

Release date: August 7, 2012

Label: RCA

Purchase: Amazon | iTunes

Rating: 5/5

It’s been a long time coming but Elle Varner has finally dropped her long awaited debut album. Perfectly Imperfect is fresh, raw, incomparable, and without a doubt a wonderful demonstration of real talent. The album is absolutely interesting, my only issue is how short lived the experience was for me. 

The opening number and hit single Only Wanna Give It To You was a perfect introduction to the music scene, but to be honest I got tired of listening to the song waiting anxiously for something else as enticing. While she did take time in adding the finishing touches to her debut album, the mixtape was just as tasty.

Refill, the latest single, may not be as uptempo as the previous but the track offers its own distinctive attraction. Elle’s soulful and sensual singing compliments the smooth sound one could describe as the epitome of r&b. If you think the song’s sexy, watch the video. You’ll not only giggle from the bubbly chemistry between the singer and her leading man, but you’ll also feel captivated by the effort that went into the production.

I love the old school soul influence flowing through this album and in Elle’s music overall. Soundproof Room pumps up your adrenaline and ignites the fire beneath your skin. The music transition between the verse and hook is well organized and far from imbalance. From my interpretation, this track is about having strong feelings for someone for a long time and wanting to finally show that person how you really feel. You can feel Elle’s intense feelings in every word and in every instrument used.

Word on the street is I Don’t Care is the next single, and I’m happy with that decision. There’s something about this track that mesmerizes me with every listen. The song’s about letting go and that concept reverberates from start to finish. How can one be so musically talented? I almost felt like crying after this one. It’s not a sad track, I’m just that impressed.

Not Tonight tickles my tummy like I have butterflies flying around in there. The singer calms things down but her electrifying voice is still just as exuberant. Her passionate harmonies can light up any room and possess any soul. As bittersweet as this song is, I’m in love with it nonetheless.

Leaf picks up back the sweet romantic side of the album. I enjoy the poetic and mature lyrics in these songs. There’s so much substance and nothing generic. And while this speaks on romance, Oh What A Night touches on the fun and playful side of the singer. If you stayed ignorant and refused to listen to Elle’s mixtape then you would’ve missed out on the fact that chick can spit as well as she sings. She showcases that talent again in this track and that adds to the eccentric nature of the song.

I love the strings that start off Stop the Clock. After that, it just keeps getting better. I think I’ve found my favorite track on the album. The harmonies, the instruments, the words, everything’s wonderfully organized. It’s about always falling for the same thing over and over, knowing very well nothing will change. 

By the time it gets to the Welcome Home, the third track, I’m feeling re-energized more than ever. This mid-tempo number is like a continuation from the previous. However, the singer’s over the foolishness and is now yearning for something much better. Finding love and peace, and coming to the realization that once you’ve found all that good stuff then anywhere truly can be home as long as you’re with that special person.

I’m enchanted by the acoustic sound of Damn Good Friends. The song’s about being so perfect for each other to a point where they’d be the perfect couple, but being such good friends prevent them from establishing a more intimate relationship. And no one wants to jeopardize that friendship by taking things further. The only instruments in this captivating song is the lovely sound of the keyboard, a romantic guitar, and of course Elle’s soulful singing. 

So Fly brings it all to an end. This was previously heard on her mixtape and I fell in love with the track then, and even more head over heels for the song now. It’s so real in every way and reminds me so much of why I love Elle Varner’s music and her natural persona. There’s nothing about her that’s fake or conformed to fit the mold. She stays focus on her dream and does nothing to compromise her beliefs. She’s rare, and in every essence the epitome of a remarkable artist.

In conclusion, one couldn’t work on a an album for so long and not having the end result sound so spectacular. I’m contented with Perfectly Imperfect, but I’m anticipating her next move. You’ve convinced me, Elle.

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One thought on “Music Review: Elle Varner’s “Perfectly Imperfect”

  1. I’m pretty sure you’ve captured everything Elle wanted listeners to get from her album. As always, your review is wonderful. How do you do it?

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