Baby Daddy Drama

It’s always wonderful to hear men stepping up to the plate and actually wanting to be a part of their child’s life. Let’s face it, society has proven that such a thing is rare among men, but whenever one bids to differ it’s like such a big deal and it shouldn’t even be like that. Anyways, with that aside, I was enjoying my daily reads over by the Jamaica Star website only to come across a rather interesting news.

There’s a feature on the site called ‘Paternity Puzzle’, which “attempts to help families solve paternity disputes. One lucky person each month will get a free test and reveal the truth once and for all.” Maury much? Anyways, today’s case featuredΒ two men from the same community currently at odds as to who fathered the fourth child of a woman who already has three with one of the men.

The mother is unsure, as she broke up with her children’s father around the same time she got involved with the other. But the current boyfriend is very much convinced that the fourth is his child and stands firm to that belief. However, he did say that if the test proves otherwise then he would not help the child in any other.Β 

Well, I’ll definitely follow up this case to find out who the real father is. You’re welcome to check back for updates.

Source: Jamaica-Star

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