[Review] Trey Songz “Chapter V”

RFile:Trey songz chapter v cover real.jpgTrey Songz has a new album out entitled, Chapter V. Kai succinctly sums it up as: lacking depth, showing no growth, if anything, regressing creatively as an artiste. Scathing review but, as a fan, probably even stan simply put, I’m beyond devastated by this lackluster release of an album.

It has been three years since I last bought his album ‘Ready, which I dearly cherish. His excessive sex laced theme in subsequent albums and mixtapes, ensured a self-induced three year long fast from his music. There was a creativity void  that I was looking for him to fill, of which,judging from his latest efforts,  he hasn’t.  

I randomly came across his announcement of a new album release on twitter two days ago, and my heart flattered a little.  It was sort of like a  reunion of  a first love that never died. We were both willing to reconnect and give the relationship a second shot. Yap! It was all good until my hopes were shattered into tiny little microscopic mini hearts after taking a listen, prompting me to scratch my head in wonderment and ask Were we ever meant to be, or I should completely let go? Find out why this  fan, is non too pleased with his latest work of disaster oops, excuse me, art.

Chapter V  opens with some abandoned haunted house ghost sounds, which are as stale as last year’s potato bread.  Trey keeps emphasizing the importance of the girl being ready for some scintillating sex.  Nothing special, just the usual content we’ve become accustomed to. *Yawn*

[Hold up wait a minute]———–>This sets the stage for Ms. EY to totally zone out into lala land for at least the better introduction phase of the album, with bouts of  maybe, here and there.

Dive In  and Panty Wetter:  Both quickly follow up  on the same topic,  albeit with more elaborate and graphic descriptors of Trey making waves in your body. *Shivers* (smh!) The production on PW  is absolutely lackluster and not memorable, at all. It is a bad Panty Dropper wanna be song. [Thanks Kai, for that!]

Heartache: Hope for the future of this album on store shelves is restored, courtesy of this song. A more up beat tempo, and somewhat better lyricism, that deviates from sex is given audience. Initially, I thought this was a club song  due to the tempo. Turned out that he  is singing about love, and not in an inpassing sort of dismissive nature like in some of his other songs. Somebody has broken his heart, and he is all cried out.  Ya’ll better listen to this joint right here! 

Playing Hard: Seems to  have moved on from his last  heartache. He has managed to got another one, and basically he is fessing up of being  sick of playing hard while he is hurting, after their break up.  The pompous lifestyle is just a facade. He hasn’t really moved on. Jesus! This boy is fast. Kai [states that he is coming from a real place with this song, not like the other generic foolishness about sex]

2 Reasons (feat T.I.): Ya’ll better be on your tippy toes, as Trey jumps from realness in a matter of minutes, and dips into the club life-again, with bitches and a drink. This is basically the recycled version of  ‘Say Aah‘  [Kai]. The beat is catchy and will have you dancing up a storm. I just did not like the fact that women are being referred to as bad bitches. Urrrgh! Which infers that he was in the club looking for some poom poom-nothing more, nothing less. Degrading on all levels. Which woman in their right mind wants to be referred to using the ‘b’ word? Semantics-Oh, I know about them, but this song ain’t about that, it’s clear. 

Hail Mary (feat. Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne): My initial thoughts of this song were rooted in blasphemy, but I soldiered on and listened hoping I was wrong. I listened,  and listened, and listened some more, until Kai saved me from my desperate attempts of letting ya’ll decide for yourselves. She thinks its another sex song. I think there’s more to this song than just sex. Not fully convinced but I do have to say  the lyrics do lend credence to that school of thought.

Don’t Be Scared (feat Rick Ross): Rick Ross’s grunt awoke me from imminent misery. This joint was weird in that, it tittered between vanity, shallowness and deepness. In it, he tells his object of affection to not be scared and take a chance with him, with a full on disclaimer not to have any expectations of him settling down. Basically,  just have fun with me baby, go with the flow. Oi. Folks. This is weird. The transitions are killing me. We went from Hail Mary, touchdowns, doing 69er’s and scoring, to now, for lack of a better term, free falling into a ‘relationship’. *eyes wide open*

Pretty Girls Lie:  Somehow, somewhere Trey finds it in him to get back to his R&B roots, and  gives us this banger of a song. Slow, with soulfully stirring lyrics-very introspective. He talks about a woman who grew up without her daddy, now in the business of breaking hearts. In it, he croons his disbelief in being blinded by an angel’s face-with lipstick and a smile

Bad Decisions:   In terms of rhythm, this is more subtle. I think it  is a continuation of a fragmented story that I can’t tell you how and when it began.  I’m guessing after the pretty girls situation, he got his revenge by breaking the heart of his beloved- by making a bad decision-cheating.  This song, actually picks up on the 3:03 mark, and pretty much sails through to a beautiful ballad of a man regretting his past decision(s). Simply put he is reminiscing of letting go of a beautiful thing, all because he fucked up.

Forever Yours:  The intro of this song, reminds me of Dubai, sand dunes, with the wind softly whistling in the background in the evening. Weird, but errm that’s what came to mind! It is the best sex song on the album. He shut it down! Why? It is not immediately apparent what he is talking about. It is tastefully done! Yes, I see babies being made to this here in the future.

Inside Interlewd

[Hold up, wait a minute: This is the most unnecessary interlewd I’ve ever come across. Waste of  album space]. An interlude serves as a precursor of what to expect. This one failed utterly in establishing ground. You will soon see why.

Fumble: This song starts with promise, as Trey explores his RnB roots and holds out to the very end. He is talking about that ride or die chick that held him down from the get go. Unfortunately, he is bad news as he fumbles her heart and admits to not having played his part in the relationship. What I liked about this, is that  he shows us his vulnerability as a man.

Without a Woman: Sounds like something R.Kelly would write and/or sing. So, I guess he fumbled and saw his previous wrong doings, hence now singing about the prowess of the woman and why fellas can’t live without us. Life would never be the same, without a woman he softly croons. This was an a-okay joint. Due to the confused arrangement on this album, I find my moods listening to the album all fucked up. One minute, I’m clubbing, the other sexing, next we finding a mate. Urrrrgh. A seamless flow of some sort of story line, lacks greatly and for that reason, I did not enjoy this song as I’m guessing I should have. Taking into consideration the lyrical content is above par.

Interlude 4U: Another unnecessary waste of album space.

Simply Amazing:  This! Aiyaiyai, I don’t even know what to say. Genius. This  is a soft rock ballad that is just simply amazing, from the lyrics and transition from previous number minus the interlude. He finally found her! The girl of his dreams. There is a lot of serenity, a sense of completeness! Love it.

Never Again: Oh niiiiiiiiice!! Was my initial remark. Kai [That song is old school] Yaaaaaaaaaaap! Not much to be said about this one, other than it seems the relationship has fizzled out to him never seeing her again. Oh well!

Check Me Out (feat. Diddy and Meek Mill): Shoot me! What  the fuck?!??!?!??!?!??!?

Closing Remarks

There’s nothing left to say other than, I’m still holding on to hope that the Trey Songz once full of ambition and lyrical content for days will make a comeback. I’m still a fan/stan, and wish him all the very best!! If he goes, platinum/gold/ruby/emerald-whatever, best believe this chica will still be rooting for him, especially if he wins that elusive Grammy. Wish him nothing but success and  creativity for new material that runs away from sex, and embraces beautiful opportunities like Simply Amazing!! On a scale of 1/10,he got a 2.


Track listing

  1. Chapter V
  2. Dive In
  3. Panty Wetter
  4. Heart Attack
  5. Playing Hard
  6. 2 Reasons (feat T.I.)
  7. Hail Mary (feat Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne)
  8. Don’t Be Scared (feat Rick Ross)
  9. Pretty Girl’s Lie
  10. Bad Decisions
  11. Forever Yours
  12. Inside Interlewd
  13. Fumble
  14. Without a Woman
  15. Interlude 4U
  16. Simply Amazing
  17. Never Again
  18. Check Me Out (feat. Diddy & Meek Mill)

9 thoughts on “[Review] Trey Songz “Chapter V”

  1. Oh my God! You put Trey on blast lol…love the honesty though, i mean if the album isn’t all that why lie about it because you’re a fan if that’s the case then you should be honest because only a true fan would let the artist know how it is. lol I don’t like the album either i wish he could go back to his gotta make it days when he was writing his own songs.

    1. @JK, I appreciated her honesty too! That’s exactly what a fan is suppose to do, give an honest opinion of the artist work, so they’ll know what needs to be worked on! … But rest assured… Trey is Still writing his songs… the quality of them are even better than his just gotta make it days… he has definitely grown as an artist…THATS WHY he’s so well known now! But Please give the CD some more listen… cause it was some songs on it I wasn’t feeling at first… but at last…they grew on me and I love them now!! :-))

      1. Umm i went through the credits, he barely wrote on this album much less the previous. And I have tried listening to Chapter V more than once on an all occasions it can’t manage to impress me. Some of the songs sound really empty, while Almost Lose it, a bonus track, stuck with me.

    2. @ JK,

      Sup mama!! Nah, I didn’t put him on blast. That’s not what Ms. EY or our publication is about loollll!! We are about uplifting the community, and that may sometimes involve eh, honest opine. I soooo agree with you about him writing his own songs! Aiyaiyaiyai. He is a gifted, plus girrrrrrl he FOIIIIIINE *faints*

  2. Dear Reviewers, I hope that this comment reaches you. I really appreciate the review, just being able to hear an honest opinion of it is greatly appreciated since I’ve been in a “loving relationship” with Trey since he started and he can’t do no wrong in my eyes Lol… I will be purchasing my CD today as I couldn’t get it on Tuesday in my neighbor because they didn’t sell it there. But I’m disapointed that you only gave him a “2 out of 10” considering MOST of the songs, with the exception of 1 or two and the interludes…you gave pretty decent reviews of! I agree that the CD is probably all over the place as far as story telling is concerned, but that’s probably what’s making it more appealing to his audience because LIFE in general is ALL OVER THE PLACE!! We don’t live in a perfect world and different “CHAPETERS” in ourlives tend to be misplaces! I’m sure I’m going to LOVE the album…But just wanted to say it was nice reading your review!

    1. @ Havana,

      It got a 2 because Trey has great potential as exhibited by his past works. As far as I’m concerned, this was his worst- and I pray that things get better for him creatively from here on forward.

      Nice insight about it being all over the place representing life’s general wave length….hmmm!——>you definitely are a fan, I can tell!!lool

      Thanks for stopping by.

      1. @Ms. Ey! Thanks for the prompt response! — There was Also something else that I forgot to bring to your attention… You said that … you have purchase a CD of Trey’s since 2009’s READY!?!?! OMG….. I HOPE that was a typo…. Because… Why didn’t you purchase the Album after that… PASSION PAIN & PLEASURE…. which actually took the place of my READY CD!! and His CD that he did the tour off of that only had 6 tracks.. INEVITABLE….??? Did you not get a chance to hear those… Maybe that’s why your expectations were let down, because if he had of went from READY… to the Chapter 5…i would have felt a little cheated as well… but Trey stays grindin’ on the music tip!

      2. @Havana,

        Oh no, it was not a typo. You read that right. I’ve been a fan of Trey since his skinny, cornrow wearing days! As such, I’ve watched him morph from a boy on his hustle & grind, trying to get his music on the mainstream scene, to actually getting there-and being super, uber comfortable-creatively.

        Sex, is not the only topic worth exploring. Nowadays, there is such a complacency to feed into the market trends, and not enough guts to dare to be different and start the same trends! I know he stays on his grind, as showcased through his mixtape efforts- that I have to hand it to him. BUT, he also has to grow with his fan base! We are no longer 18 with erratic hormones fascinated by sex. I’d like him to address more grown issues, that lawwwwd hammercy, have nothing to do with sex. I’m not saying to completely do away with the subject matter, just subtly address it, without it overwhelming a whole album.

        I’m not going to purchase any album until he puts in work, creatively. Until then, I’ll just cheer for him from the sidelines. In sum, I want him to push the envelope,creatively Wish him nothing but success and continued pouring of blessings from the Most High.

      3. @Ms. EY, Now these sentiments I can agree with 100%!!! I KNOW he can sing ANYTHING and will get my Vote! And although I appreciate his sexual songs, in their proper place, I value the more heartfelt passionate songs that he does! His more “real life” themed ones. Those out weight the “sex-filled” song with me, as I tend to skip over those anyway. The world we live in is perverted and sex crazed and I don’t need to hear about all of the escapades in my spare time. I Hate the fact that he used soo much Profanity on this album as well. Therefore, I purchased the Edited Version. But on this CD, there were at least 7 songs which were unrelated to that topic, and like yourself…I wish there were more!! But as you know, the majority of his audience is wanting to hear the “sexier” side of his music and at the end of the day, artist are out to make MONEY. But I’m a fan of HIM and his personality and interaction with his fans. He seem very genuine about his craft and for that… I’ll be ridin’ with him…. until further notice! Thanks for the interaction though! I’m not one to post on people Blogs and such…but as you can see… I had a Topic I LOVED to discuss! Have a good day! 🙂

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