11 Years…Still Remembering Aaliyah

I remember the first time I heard the soft, sultry voice coming through the radio. It was Aaliyah singing “Back n Forth,” and immediately I started bumping my head and jamming to the beat. I became an instant fan, and up till her untimely passing, Aaliyah continued making me listen, think, and move to her music. 

Where were you on August 25, 2001 when news spread that the r&b princess would no longer grace us with her friendly, bubbly, and one in a million personality? I can tell you where I was, spending the summer break with my aunt. I remember just days before I was grooving to her third and final self-titled studio album. I remember listening to songs like “More Than A Woman,” “I Refuse,” “Those Were The Days,” and “I Care 4 U” over and over again. Aaliyah’s voice, in my opinion, is like honey. There was so much life in her singing; she convinced me with any concept she was going for. It’s still so hard and so painful to admit that she’s gone but Aaliyah definitely still resides in her music and if we continue listening then she’ll never leave us.

R.I.P babygirl. Always and forever, we love you.

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One thought on “11 Years…Still Remembering Aaliyah

  1. I actually got to see her live in New York while she was promoting her second album One in a Million and I remember how she connected with the audience. Her voice was so smooth and confident. I think what made people love her was that personality. You don’t find a lot of entertainers like that these days.

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