G-Dragon is “One of a Kind”

Indeed he is. Only someone of his caliber could pull off hair styles like that and fashion like that. GD has always stood out in kpop and among his fellow BIG BANG members. The guy just has that individuality that steals the show. I may not be a die hard fan of his antics or his overall persona, but I do appreciate his efforts. And I love “One of a Kind,” the track itself and the music video. Also, did you catch a glimpse of the talented Lydia Paek in the beginning? If you don’t even know who that is, which is truly shameful, then think Quest Crew. Anyways, check out the very entertaining video and tell us what you think of Mr. controversy’s latest.

Credit: BIGBANG channel

3 thoughts on “G-Dragon is “One of a Kind”

  1. As for the video’s plot, I really couldn’t help you there–something about blindfolds, magical spirits, creepy hallways and ghosts? Maybe clones or something? Seems fairly par for the course of a Korean pop music video.

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