Music Review: Tamia’s “Beautiful Surprise”

Release date: August 28th 2012

Label: Plus1 Music Group

Purchase: Amazon | iTunes

Rating: 5/5

Are you tired of the far from authentic and beyond washed-up so-called music playing on the airways? Then Tamia’s latest album is sure to remind you what it truly means to not only have natural talent but to also deliver substantial songs that won’t leave you feeling like throwing up. “Beautiful Surprise” is the epitome of r&b and soul, something very lacking at the moment. Thankfully, Tamia isn’t fazed by trends and chooses to hold tight to her musical roots while belting out fresh melodies on each track. 


Lose My Mind plunges us into a groovy, sexy and laid back atmosphere. And though I enjoy the singer’s ability to transition between ballads and mid-tempos beautifully, I love her softer side more because her true vocal skills are always fully utilized in those. I just had to get that out of the way. Now, back to the opening track and its highlights. I’m fully appreciative of the emphasis of love throughout the album, from beginning to end. Lose My Mind is about missing your significant other when they’re not around. Tamia is in love so of course that side of her will come forth in most of her songs, but what’s great is how not overwhelming that is.

I adore Give Me You because of the sheer realness in the words. The song’s about understanding the importance of the small things and how money, expensive clothes, jewelry, and all the lavish and over the top things don’t really matter when it comes to love. There’s nothing better or more sweet of a gift to offer than your heart. This is such a beautiful track. And I must say the melodies are magically arranged. Love it.

While the first two depict missing love and giving love, the next is about getting hurt by love. It’s Not Fair tells the story of a woman suffering from the reality that the man who once loved her so much is now giving his love to another. It can be interpreted as a relationship that has ended but the love was just too strong to let go despite the fact that one has moved on.

…It keeps getting better…

The energy in Believe in Love is just intoxicating. The way Tamia’s voice heightens during the chorus is just exciting. She sings with so much emotion and through her feelings I’m able to connect with the words and believe in the message of love. The grimy beat is guaranteed to get you moving. It’s a smart move to make the middle of the album so fun and uptempo.

The title track, Beautiful Surprise, falls in the right place giving us a little break from the slow songs, but prepares us for the next after filling our hearts with a lot of joy. By the way, I’m liking how subtle and sweet the music video is. Tamia is just pure class.

…I’m drowning in this ethereal sound…

I’m fighting to compose myself for the rest of the album. Why? Tamia’s singing keeps sending sparks to my soul. Song after song I become even more enchanted by her voice. Is it Over Yet, well no, but that’s another track that has me melting. The country styled number is about finding the strength to let go when you really don’t want to. If this song sounds familiar then you probably heard the original sung by Wynonna Judd. The fact that Tamia performs in the country genre as well depicts her how versatile she is and has always been.

While the previous was about coming to terms with the fact that the relationship is over, Love I’m Yours is about facing the fear of falling again and learning to start over. Brilliant transition. I get a sense of contentedness, safety, and comfort towards the end.

Now that she’s found a beautiful love Tamia wants to hold on to it forever. Him is all about her appreciation for her man and what she’s willing to do to make him feel appreciated because he truly deserves it for giving her so much love. This track is a bit more upbeat than the previous, showcasing another sexy and playful side to the singer.

…Love should feel as hot as fire and burn endlessly in our hearts…

I love the idea of blending rock with soul, as long as its done well. Still Love You is just magnificent. This song is a continuation of Him, where her devotion remains strong. I feel further emphasis is unnecessary, but I do want to say that mixing rock and soul is like touching Heaven with the tip of your fingers. And speaking of Heaven, the next track is a raw depiction of the singer’s gratitude to the one she strongly believes in.

Because of You is Tamia’s spiritual side revealed, and one of the reasons why she’s able to continue moving forth in life. The words are very encouraging, uplifting, and all the joy one needs to wear a smile on their face throughout the day when it feels like there’s nothing to smile about. Her courage is unquestionable; Tamia isn’t afraid to profess her love for God.

The country version of Still concludes Tamia’s soulful fifth album. This song is just as heartfelt as the first time I heard it. I love this revamped version and the fact that its purity still exists even though its touching a different genre is beyond wonderful. Tamia can do no wrong when it comes to music.

And as the last track ended I quickly press repeat. Beautiful Surprise should never end. This is one of the most well produced, deeply written, and wonderfully arranged r&b album that should more than revive the genre but set an example to those leaving it behind. Tamia proves that music can still be timeless and meaningful in an era where such sentiments seem to be neglected. Get this album and declare yourself a supporter of real talent.


Track listing:

1. Lose My Mind
2. Give Me You
3. It’s Not Fair
4. Believe in Love
5. Beautiful Surprise
6. Is It Over Yet
7. Love I’m Yours
8. Him
9. Still Love You
10. Because of You
11. Still (Country version)

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