The Power of Netizens

I would say they’ve been granted too much.

So, I’m not quite sure how many of our readers pay attention to Kpop and its beloved artists. To be honest, I don’t really tune in around the clock when it comes to the genre but now and then I check in to see what’s new. Today, I decided to update myself on some new kpop music only to come across controversial news regarding the popular group, T-ARA. I’m obviously late if the troubling stories have been escalating since July. Anyways, I don’t want to get into that too much because I’m not really sure where to start or what’s really going on, and we’re not a gossip site. But it has been brought to my attention that a member of the group had an injury and thus had to be absent from performances or couldn’t perform to her fullest, no duh. She was in a wheelchair I hear. Turns out, that injured member has been released from not only the group but from her contract with the entertainment company she’s signed to. For some reason I feel like they dropped her ass because they couldn’t deal with taking care of her injury and she wouldn’t be able to help in the accumulation of profits. But that’s just me.

There were some other issues, which involved members tweeting subliminal messages (twitter is such an unprofessional place for entertainers to discuss problems). But then again, their problems should remain between the displeased member and the others, along with the company. Netizens should NOT stick pins.

Once again, this isn’t a gossip thing, I simply want to comment (express my freedom of speech) on the reaction to the group and how influential Korean fans can be when it comes to getting their points across to entertainment companies and artists alike.

It somewhat bothers me that due to the complaints of these severely influential fans that the group has lost endorsements (companies pulling away from the controversy), have been petitioned to disband (accused of bullying the injured girl), and a member dropped out of her television drama. Now, like I’ve stated I’m not sure what’s really going on and I absolutely do not want to speculate or take sides, but what the hell! Can fans in Korean pop culture really decide the fate of a group when they deem them unworthy of being artists? Is it that easy for them to come up with their own opinions and make accusations that hardly have any hard proof to back them up? Tell me, do they have that much power to make concerts, records, or product releases flop? Well then I must say Korean fans are quite perfect, if they can easily point fingers and throw stones the way they have been doing lately.

In such a situation, I hope the group remains strong. They’ve been together since 2009, that much I remember. Sadly, I didn’t know they blossomed from seven members to nine but I don’t mind a large group as long as they have talent, and mind you T-ARA has talent. It’s quite unfortunate that this issue hasΒ arise and I sincerely hope there are no truths to the accusations. Again (I know I say this a lot), I’m not blaming anyone but could it be that management came to the decision of cutting a member after fans voiced their displeasure with the additions? In that case, her injury made her an easy target. But if fans are upset about adding members and are pissed when members are dropped, then what is that they want, because obviously they can’t be pleased either way. And from as far back as I can remember in Kpop netizens just know how to destroy a artist’s career, and life if need be. That takes me back to the topic at hand, the power of netizens.

Why do they have so much say? I know, I know. It’s the fans that are part of the reasons for a entertainer’s success, but its not entirely because of them. And if you ask me, netizens shouldn’t accuse anyone of bullying when they themselves are bullies. The consequences of their anti-fanism can be found all over the internet and in the hearts of the people they’ve hurt.

This is not a rant (only a little bit). I’m only voicing my opinion of how serious Korean fans are when it comes to artists (idols). The power in the industry is remarkable, whether good or bad. But in the case of T-ARA, again I wish them well and hope they can come to some kind of solution that makes everyone (netizens) happy, but before doing so, I hope the members themselves will be happy.

What do you think about the T-ARA situation? Honestly?

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One thought on “The Power of Netizens

  1. I got into Kpop through 2NE1. I even went to their recent concert in Los Angeles. It was great ! But that’s another topic, sorry. Back to this one, I didn’t know how brutal these “netizens” could be after seeing how they’ve cyberbullied some idols into suicide. Wow, T-ARA has wonderful vocalists, i just listened to their Lies song on youtube and it’s beautiful. Indeed, it’s sad that there’s a petition for the group’s disbandment after they’ve been in the biz since 2009. And I find it hypocritical how quickly these korean fans can turn on them and treat them like that instead of supporting them through such a thing. WoW!

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