Music Review: “Poison” by SECRET

Released: September 13, 2012

Label: TS Entertainment

Purchase: Kpoptown | Yesasia

Rating: 4.8/5

Don’t call them little girls, call them women. And SECRET‘S certainly portraying a more mature concept for their comeback EP. Their voices show significant growth, and their fierceness as taken off greatly. Without any restraints, kpop’s versatile girl group has returned to conquer the industry, and their wearing red to do it.

I wasn’t expecting the EP to start off on a mid-tempo acoustic note but after hearing Telepathy I have no complaints. The ladies are much softer, smoother on the track. I even like that sweet harmonizing in the beginning. This is a song that takes you back to Spring; butterflies everywhere, flowers blossoming, and inhaling a fresh breath of air during a long walk with your significant other. It’s the kind of feeling that’s relaxing. You just want to get lost in it forever.

The title track is sort of old school, with a sexy saxophone and energetic drums almost sounding like go-go beats but that badass bass hides the live band element a bit. Poison carries the signature sound of Secret, while adding a new flavor for modern pop fans. Their voices are strong, aggressive, and sensual. The combination of all these elements contribute to the hypnotic and catchy dance number. As for the music video, that choreography is not as suggestive as many call it, if anything it’s sophisticatedly done.

Falling In Love mesmerizes with its r&b sound. I like how breathy their ranges are. Once again, you can hear that urban appeal fans love about the group. And that break after the hook is super sexy; like sweet honey overflowing. Everything blends well together, creating a song that without understanding the language you can clearly feel the emotions in every beat and in every note.

Another mid-tempo had me thinking there were no more upbeat dance tracks like Poison left, being that there’s only one song left on the EP. Well, either way Calling U is just as good as the previous three, and even more sensual. Zinger kills it on her rap; this lady’s ability to spit rhymes so poetically real Β is just incomparable to her peers in the biz. She impresses me every time she gets the chance to drop something.

Secret Poison (3rd mini album) Concept Photos

I WAS WRONG! 1, 2, 3 is anything but mid-tempo. The track is hot and far from washed-up. I love its poppyness and that hook is indescribably catchy. Sounds like a mix between 90’s bubblegum era and modern electrop. I can’t stress enough on how beautiful their voices are. I think their capacities are exercised sweetly on this number. The song’s candy element blends well with their soft ranges. Along with the title track, this one is also my favorite. Whoever decided to conclude the EP with 1, 2, 3 Β is a genius.

And there you have it. Short, but it is a mini album so I can’t hate. I enjoyed Poison enough to give it another listen but my only issue was that there were too few upbeat tracks and too much downtempos. Other than that, this is the nicest kpop album, sorry EP, that I’ve listened in a while and it does sound substantial. There’s nothing recycled and crappy, but only three tracks sound single worthy. Still, welcome back ladies!


01. Telepathy

02. Poison

03. Falling In Love

04. Calling U

05. 1, 2, 3

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