[VERY, absolutely RANDOM POST]

Currently, my hair is in small plaits that look like “who did it?” Seriously, I think that the song that perfectly fits the current state of my hair is Amazing Grace. So what does this have to do with the fact that China’s economy is going to overtake the U.S. sometime in 2020? Nothing, jack shit, nada!

As I alluded to on bus chronicles, I am feeling blogalicious, hence this short blurb of nothing, but something to somebody! I need to apologize, for the fact that of all things to talk about in this world, like probably the hunger strife my pippoz  are going through in one of those countries out there in the concrete jungles of Africa, not this one, that Alicia Keys and Jay-HOVA  [who I rebuke!!] sing and rap about, I’m here giving you plait stories-better known as nonsense! These plaits, are currently my joy because they are starting to lock, and the hair is looking matted as all hell, giving the illusion of dreads! From a distance, you’d think, I’m a rasta-which I love! But, when you come near it’s kinda like a what the fuck is she really trying to do struggle.  This sista right here is not phased, for the dead follicles are shampooed, conditioned and butter in African shea moisture, which smells yummy by the way.

Moving along, despite having given my boo, Trey Songizzles a 2/10 album review, I’ve been blasting these three songs like he is paying me to promote them: Fumble, Almost Loose it and Forever Yours. Go get that album ya’ll. Those songs should touch the inner most hidden parts of your heart, like no other songs wouldn’t, most certainly not Hail Mary~[urrrgh!].

In other news, how politically vested are you guys? There is so much drama going on between the U.S., Middle East and Northern Africa! Can somebody clue me in, on where, who done did what?! Your opine and thought process, is sooo like welcome! I’m all about world peace at this point. By the way, I’m not clueless per say, I  just happen to have very strong views, which I won’t share, as this is a very light post. Ehe……moving briskly [politics, gives me the brrrrrrrr’s, Gucci Mane style]

So, I’m writing this post while bobbing my head furiously to an EPIC rapper, by the name of Jude Abaga, aka. M.I. who hails from NAIJA!!  Take a listen and tell me you ain’t going kray, like I am right now! Singing so gotdamn loudly and fantasizing like a whipped groupie! Lawwwwd hammmmmercy!

This weekend, Kai and I went to the beach! At some point on this blog, the pictures of beautiful sunsets, waves, and what nots will grace your screens. Just shots, no  talk. Until then, enjoy my random boolfoolery.

[By the way, if you are reading this and cursing your life and that of close relatives that you don’t like for wasting valuable time reading crap, blame it on a reader here. They feedbacked sometime back, talking about they liked and missed my random postings. Take your 99 and missing one to make a hundiid problems with them, not me!]

We sho’ do appreciate your feedback! Personally, if it doesn’t require immediate attention, I’ll read it and archive it, until a later date! But, I will always get to answering your queries. 🙂 Just know that I operate on that African time, mbamby!!



2 thoughts on “[VERY, absolutely RANDOM POST]

  1. Awesome [random] post! LMAO at “Jay-HOVA [who I rebuke!!]” girl i don’t like him either..something about that dude that screams “Jesus come save me now!” Anyways, if you’re referring to the recent attacks on US embassies, etc then its due to some stupid independent american film that was basically bashing the muslim prophet. so not a good move cause those people be too damn sensitive about their beliefs. other than that, i’m as clueless as you are.

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