Psy: Kpop’s hope for global domination?

When one hears the term Kpop you either think ‘oh, Korean pop music’ or ‘the name of a candy brand’ (like I did the first time I heard it). These days the musical genre has soared beyond the Asian shores. Many across the world are getting more aware of Korean culture through the addictive sounds of their pop music. From massive groups like Girls Generation and Super Junior, to the urban-esque BIG BANG and rising icons 2NE1, Kpop has indeed come a long way and continues to captivate new audiences daily. Most recently, a somewhat not your average entertainer has taken the phenomenal genre to higher heights, by introducing the globe to a catchy dance named after an upscale neighborhood in Seoul.

Psy‘s Gangnam Style has been creating waves since its release. The charismatic performer doesn’t follow the kpop mold, he breaks it, earning the nickname ‘Bizarre Singer’ for his highly incomparable musical style. Gangnam Style, which I initially considered to be some sort of  parody to gangs (go figure),  is Psy’s most successful single to date, gaining international recognition for its humorous concept and unusual dance moves. The music video has since reached over 280 million views on YouTube, and has entered Guinness World Records as the most liked video since YouTube’s conception.

The fact that this song and video hilariously depicts the kind of lifestyle portrayed by people of the mentioned district it is no wonder it has gotten such positive feedback. We all like trendy and catchy music videos (we’re living in very visual times); it only takes a really funny, quirky, and overall different style to appeal to the mass, and lucky for Psy, Gangnam Style has that appeal. This brings me to my initial point, could Psy be the light Kpop has been seeking? Could this adorably cute and witty entertainer take Kpop to global domination and do what so many have attempted in the past but have come up short? I think he could, if not already there. After all, Gangnam Style has taken the number one spot on iTunes, and so far has gotten to the Billboard Hot 100 charts, peaking at number 11, which from my recollection is the first for any Kpop artist (please correct me if there have been others to make it to that chart). He has certainly brought forth greater exposure to the already popular genre, but what does that mean for Kpop, and more importantly, what does this sudden stardom mean for Psy? I’ll let you be the judge. 

What do you think about Gangnam Style? Just a faze, is Psy gonna maintain that interest in global markets?

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5 thoughts on “Psy: Kpop’s hope for global domination?

  1. I believe the reason PSY has also gotten success is because it brings the stereotype of an Asian to people who have no clue of Asian culture to believe what they see in entertainment. An average looking guy doing weird things is usually what they will think of K-Pop and Psy now. I do not agree with K-Pop getting popular but more like with Gangnam Style, people are starting to take notice of the genre. I hope they know not every song is like that however! I think the majority of people who see Kpop becoming global is only because of PSY recently. In the past, the other Kpop artists barely made a scratch in the industry. The Wonder Girls are still trying but honestly as a fan of theirs, I’d rather they go back to Korea as they have lost a lot of popularity after the 3 years they have mostly spent trying to make a name for themselves while PSY has got a viral hit and is pretty much worldwide right now.

    Sorry for the long post.

    By the way, have you ever been to a Kpop concert or know anyone who has? Because I was wondering if you would be interested in reading and commenting on my article on preparing for Kpop World Tours. It could prove to be some helpful advice and I’d really like to know what you think 🙂

  2. Koreans have been a bit confused by Gangnam Style in how it is connecting with a worldwide audience. It was meant for Koreans and a Korean audience yet it still took off. Anyone familiar in Korea with Lexy, Tasha & E.via know they are some of the most talented female rappers around. They rival many western female rappers yet don’t get anywhere the exposure. You add Miryo (Beg) & CL (2NE1) into the mix and it is clear to see Korea has some extremely talented K-Hop artists. I haven’t even gotten to the soloist either like newcomer Elle which will blow you away with her powerful vocals.You then add artists like Boa, Se7en, Younha, G.N.A., Lena Park, Gummy just to name a few. This shows you pretty clearly that PSY is just the tip of the iceberg. K-Artists have a lot to offer and what they need to to is just bring this own Korean style which K-Pop has plenty of to go around. Although Asian artists have one very big obstacle to overcome. Something of which PSY has only reinforced.

    The perception of them being something other then a comedian, martial artist, or a geek lol. They deserve a chance to prove themselves and not just reinforce already established stereotypes. Yet I am torn whether PSY is the right person to be representing Korea or K-Pop. With his recent drinking incident in front of 60,000 fans. This isn’t the type of role model we need. We already have enough of those type here in the states. It’s hard to tell at this point how much a negative effect or not PSY will have on the larger K-Pop music scene. Gangnam Style if nothing else has at least perked people’s interest. Just hope it isn’t for the wrong reasons. However you look at it. K-Pop has likely just seen it greatest accomplishment end with a middle aged man ridding an invisible horse lol. Not how I wanted to see such a promising beginning end but then again I could be wrong.

  3. Ohhhhhh so this is who that commotion is about! I’ve been seeing and hearing this ‘Gangnam’ thing everywhere good for him..he completely blew up and I definitely think this kpop is taking off. I like the video very funny.

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