[Exclusive] Interview with Devri Walls + Giveaway

Devri Walls

Who is Devri Walls? You’re about to find out. The wonderful author has taken the time to stop by EY and share a bit with us about her inspirations, concepts, and what’s next. On a side note: 

“I believe that we have things to offer the world that no one else can do for us. I believe that you can shape your life how you want it to be. Sometimes its scary, sometimes its painful, but its worth it. Based on those beliefs I am stepping out into this big, scary, painful, frightening venture and inviting you all to come along for the ride!”

Now continue below to learn more about Devri, and stick around for the cool giveaway: 

What inspired you to become an author?

I have a strong love of a story, and am a very emotionally driven person. I originally majored in theater, but as a mother to two children, did not have time to pursue that dream any longer. Being an author has now allowed me to release all of that pent up creative energy into a wonderful outlet. And in the end, I have found it far more fulfilling than being onstage. Instead of acting out others imagination, I now get to pour my own onto paper.

 Who are some of your biggest influences in literature? 

I love J.k Rowling, she is bloody brilliant! I really enjoy Cinda Williams Chima, Christopher Paolini and Cassandra Claire, all for different reasons. But all relating to their pure creative awesomeness.

 I know the genre is on fire right now but what are your reasons for going into young adult fantasy? 

Fantasy is where it’s at for me. I am not sure that I would be interested in writing anything, hot or not, that did not appeal to me. Fantasy is such a pure escape. I have always read YA, even as an adult. I find it refreshing, fun, and it is a good fit for my writing style and voice. I love it!

Has being a music teacher influenced your writing in any way? 

You will find nods to music in my writing. The dragons, for example, in Wings of Arian. Their voices are very melodic and are described as tenors and basses. In Wings of Tavea it gets even more interesting with some melodic ties in the dragon’s threads that Kiora never experienced in Meros.

 Where’d you get the overall concept for the Solus trilogy?

I was watching TV one night and watched someone’s throat get slit. What startled me was not what I had seen, but that I had NO reaction. I had become so accustomed to violence, I barely even noticed. It got me thinking, “I wonder how horrifying it would be for someone that lived, say seventy five years ago, to watch the things we as a society have become so accustomed to?” And from that, Wings of Arian was born. A story of a society that has been completely sheltered from any evil for a thousand years and what happens as it returns.

 Kiora is a very interesting character. Was she inspired by anyone from your life? 

I think Kiora is a bit of that person I see lying in so many people. Capable of so much, and yet, fearful and held back based upon her own self doubts. She is scarred by her past, just as we all are in a sense. But what I wanted Kiora to do was what I hope we can all do- push past those fears and insecurities to learn what we need to do to become who we are meant to be. 

 How challenging was it to develop such intriguing characters?

I am very flattered you found them intriguing, thank you. I know I should say it was hard, but that part comes a little easier to me than other things. It is fairly easy for me to see them, and hear them, and to understand them. They really almost move across the stage in my mind while I write them.

 Wings of Arian was somewhat of an introduction. But what can readers expect from the second book, Wings of Tavea?

The world really opens up for Kiora as she discovers what the rest of the world has been living with as she and her people have been locked away. She comes into her own and has to make some very difficult decisions, both personally, and as the Solus.

 Wings of Nestor concludes the trilogy in 2013. Any idea of what you’ll do next? Maybe a spin-off or take on a different genre like contemporary.

I am sure I will be sticking to fantasy and paranormal for a while, as that is where my passion lies. I have three or four great ideas that have been started and are waiting for me to get around to them. And although I am itching to get to them, it will be strange to leave Kiora behind. I have become so attached to all the characters in this book. I have had repeated requests for a prequel to Wings of Arian, I am mulling that around as well.

 Outside of writing what do you do for fun

Fun? I am suppose to be fun too?!! Kidding. I am a pretty mellow person when it comes to entertainment. I like going to the movies, hanging out with the hubby and of course reading!

 Thanks for taking the time. Please leave a message to your supporters and aspiring writers.

Don’t give up guys! Really, you can do this. But; if you are going to do it. Do it right. No regrets. Not on the edits, not on the story, not on your cover. Reach out for help and make informed decisions. And because it is important I am going to repeat myself one more time; Don’t give up! 

 Find out more about Devri by visiting her official sites:


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7 thoughts on “[Exclusive] Interview with Devri Walls + Giveaway

  1. This book was really good. I felt like I knew the characters and was excited to see them succeed. I even liked how it ended I didn’t think it was going to go that way.

  2. It’s crazy how Devri Walls was inspired to start writing Wings of Arian.
    I Loved Wings of Arian and can not wait for Wings of Tavea.

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