India: to go or not to go?

My opinion of India has been formulated based on what I’ve seen in the media. That the country is super clustered, the people are obsessed with curry, men are overtly domineering, families have a lot of incest, animals are worshiped and sometimes humans have intimate relationships with them. Of course, one can’t generalize an entire population simply based on the odd behavior of some. We have to seek out the good on our own. So, I decided to do a little research to discover anything that could possibly attract me to the country.  I found a few gems:

An exotic appeal

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Walking with tigers isn’t at the top of my list but admiring the enchanting creatures from a far is another option. And word has it that Jharkhand, Palamau National Park is the best place to check out the wild, without getting ripped to threads. No joke intended.

Located on the Chota Nagpur Plateau and one of the earliest Tiger projects in India, the Palamau Sanctuary is also home to a large number of varieties of flora and fauna in the beautiful forests rich in biodiversity.

Beaches, not just deserts?

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Yes, India does have beaches. Don’t be ignorant. The country has really beautiful ones too. Places like Gokarna is just one of the several locations offering heavenly escapes for travelers. Whether you’re seeking out the Mahabaleshwar Temple, or the sandy Om Beach, which takes the shape of a Hindu spiritual symbol, you definitely have to swallow up all the natural wonders of this place.

Speaking of natural wonders…

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India has those in abundance. Bask yourself in the Valley of Flowers, appreciate spirituality in the temples of Belgaum, consume the beauty of Kumarakom backwaters and bird sanctuary, and explore the Jog falls described as a must see on any trip. There’s so much more you can experience but time prevents me from doing so (and I don’t feel like typing that much).

There’s more to eat than just curried dishes

While curry is widely used, there are other dishes just as popular in various parts of the country. Kerala cuisine mixes local dishes with foreign ones. Kerala’s long coastline and numerous rivers makes seafood a common part of the meal. On the other hand, Jharkhand cuisine are not as publicized because most dishes are prepared in tribal regions. Popular dishes include Baiganee Chop and Thekua.


Mumbai is held as the best place for entertainment in India. But like any other country its mainly about finding the right spot that accommodates your party needs. Apparently you can party until sunrise in places Goa, the cultural capital Kolkata, and in the luxurious Delhi. Like I said, one just has to know where to find the right spot.

And there you have it, for now. Again, India is pretty much unlimited when it comes to attractions and what to do while visiting the country. But if you’re like me, one jaded by what others had to say then you just might miss out on what this intriguing country has to offer.

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Credit: incredibleindia

One thought on “India: to go or not to go?

  1. there’s more to eat than just curry? lmao thank you for this post cos i wouldn’t have known…i was so ignorant lol

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