[Exclusive] Katy Tiz: An interview with the “loud one”

Who is Katy Tiz? “I’m always the loud one.” Let’s leave that fact aside for now. Katy’s a singer/songwriter from the UK getting ready to drop her debut album, and is currently gaining notable attention for the playful single ‘Famous‘. Seems like a floodgate had burst open to unleash some talented British musicians lately, because Ms. Tiz is the latest natural born talent on route to takeover the music industry.

Check out our exclusive interview below to learn more about this feisty but fun lady:

Tell us a little about your life growing up in the UK, and when you realized you wanted to become an entertainer?

Well…I was a complete loser growing up. I didn’t sing a note until I was 17. I always wanted to be an actress; I only sang in the shower or in the mirror with a hairbrush (like we all do). Music was something I stumbled upon. My brother got into it and I wanted to be like him because I looked up to him (ugh…. gross)

I learned that you actually started performing alongside your brother doing acoustic sessions. How nervous were you branching out on your own?

I always knew he was there if I needed him. Many a time I called him and he would help me out. But he was my security blanket for years so it was important to jump the nest and test myself as an artist. It wasn’t easy but I saw the deep end and jumped in. It was important for me to only rely on myself to make sure I could do it. I still work with him a lot, between the three of us we have written a lot of this record together and whether I’m in the UK or US, I still call him everyday and he still answers (he has to… or I’ll tell mum)

What went through your mind when you landed that record deal?

First I didn’t believe it… then I was like… HOLY SHIT!!!

Who are some of your biggest influences?

The artists that will forever have a place on my iPod are Alicia Keys, India Arie, and Lauryn Hill.

Describe your style and what makes you different from the rest?

My lyrics. I take the real shit that we all go through or want to say and I write about it.

You’ve stated “I want to share my journey with everyone. This music is me.” How important is it for you to have creative control over your music?

It’s really important. I’m so passionate because I believe in every song I have on my album. I am my biggest critic; I have some terrible stuff while creating this record jeeeeeeez! But I’m sure to vito it before anyone else hears it!

Famous is a fun and catchy song. It’s not exactly sugarcoated or modest. What inspired such a bold move?

One Crazy night in the studio with two people who are just as crazy as me = FAMOUS. Its tongue in cheek; there is no hating in that song despite what people think.

What else can we expect to hear from your debut album in terms of the direction you’re taking?

Every song is a story. I’m very lyrically driven. Genre wise for the rest of the album – Pop with a lick of reggae and a lick of R&B.

Do you have a title or release date as yet?

I have a title but I’M NOT TELLING *pokingtongeout* but the release date isn’t set in stone, it will be early 2013 though.

What are you hoping listeners will get from your music?

I want people to listen to my songs and think, damn… that’s how I feel! Whether it’s a happy song or a song that helps you through the darker times.

Aside from being a singer, songwriter, and all around musician, what other talents do you possess?

I have double jointed hands!! (I’m doing it right now but you cant see because this is written interview). Oh!! And I bake amazing cookie monster cupcakes…. (see my instagram)

I know you’re working on your debut album and possible tour (I hope), any other projects in the works?

Tour – HELL YES!! I’m feeling like a caged animal but other than that I’m just writing writing writing!

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Thanks for listening to me gabble on and on! Guys, I’m so excited about the next few months (whatever it brings) and can’t wait to share it with you all.

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Image credits: Geoff Moore Photography

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