Say what now?

I strongly believe that if there’s a lot of tension between neighbors then you might want to stay clear from disturbing the waters. With that said, allow me to get into a news that just caught my attention on Yahoo, because we all know that’s where you go for the real and unsugarcoated. Anyhoo,  according to the ever updated news outlet, it seems a group of North Korean defectors (people who escaped the “torment”) and South Korean activists just woke up this morning and decided “hey, why not go release giant balloons containing anti-Pyongyang leaflets in the air near the border to piss off the North?” Umm, the genius that came up with that idea may not be too concerned for his own safety, but what of that for his people in the South. I mean, one doesn’t simply go denouncing the already on edge nation when they have a massive army and supposedly weapons that could blast another country into smithereens. There are other methods to go about releasing their pent up anger, perhaps they could’ve gathered discretely in a silent proof room and scream? 

A North Korean defector living in the South and a leader of an anti-North Korean civic group scatters anti-North Korean leaflets on a highway leading to the Imjingak pavilion near the demilitarised zoTurns out the one leading the anti-North Korean group, Park Sang-Hak, is a North Korean defector himself (I think those would be the most hated by the North). Mr. Park scattered leaflets from the roof top of a car like a flower girl sprinkling rose petals at a wedding, while he announced his distaste for the North’s way of life to the media (North Korean journalists were present as well). 

What happened to the police and any other smart person who could try and prevent this protest? you might ask. Well, turns out that an earlier attempt by the activists was trampled after threats from the North became public. But seems as though these people were determined to get their point across, they soon after found a way to go through with releasing the balloons regardless. Talk about persistent. Now, we’ll wait and see how the North will retaliate because past activities show they usually do.

All I’m saying is, marching towards the border and bashing the country’s leadership is not the brightest of the ideas. And with the North making threats to attack then a protest should be highly re-considered. I’m just saying. 

What do you think about this? 

Credit: Yahoo! News

2 thoughts on “Say what now?

  1. As much as he’s brave, he needs to consider the lives of the people that he’s endangering by doing this protest.

  2. the fact that he’s even a north korean defactor means he’s brave. it’s not easy escaping that nightmare. Its good that he wants to stand up for something he believes in but i agree, that country is not to be messed with they are super sensitive.

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