Dawn Richard has a ‘Golden Heart’

I don’t think I’ve come across an artist these days as determined and hard-working as Dawn Richard. This lady has my utmost respect for her never-ending hustle. I’ve been following Dawn since her days on MTB while trying to earn a spot in Diddy’s then girl group. And I’ve watched the entertainer realize her dream by rising above all odds. Indeed, Dawn embodies that of her album title, a golden heart. 

Richard has signified the characteristics of a driven young woman since coming onto the music scene. Her dedication to being innovative and ever evolving in the game often goes unrecognized but is highly appreciated by loyal fans and fellow peers. In fact, it seems many have forgotten that this is a multi-platinum recording artist, who’s independent releases have blossomed into notable hits. But then again, is it by awards and chart stats that truly reward an artist as true to her skill as Dawn is? I highly doubt. The fact remains that whatever walls are placed before her, Dawn always knocks them down and stands firm in her beliefs and art. She’s obviously passionate about her music and what she wants to share with the world. And once you have a love for something you are truly gifted with then no amount of accolades can fully reward you for that.

The Heart Trilogy is unfolding, are you ready for what Dawn Richard has to offer? Well, whatever it is that’s coming, rest assure that you will be impressed. 

Listen to Dawn’s latest single, Eighty Six, below and support the artist by purchasing her music on iTunes.

credit: DawnsGoldenHeart + dawnrichardblog.com

4 thoughts on “Dawn Richard has a ‘Golden Heart’

    1. Yea but she’d have to change her style in order to be more recognized by the industry. that’s what they do to artists like her who are innovative, they change them to fit a certain package. *coughsbrandy.

      1. So true! When will this world start to appreciate artists for their talents and not their looks….I really wish her success!

  1. She really does have a golden heart. I came in contact with Dawn once in LA and she was so super sweet and humble. There’s not a lot of artists like that in the biz. I’m def. getting her album to support her cause she IS TALENTED and I love my chocolate sistahs no matter how they say we’re ugly. GO DAWN!!

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