Men Be Tripping!

I can’t count the amount of men who snap and go shooting up public facilities. That has me worried and confused as to what exactly is going on with our men. First it was the shooting in Colorado, next it was the Sikh Temple shooting south of Milwaukee, just last week a murder-suicide in Wisconsin, and then just minutes ago a gunman opened fire inside Georgia megachurch World Changers International.Β 

Reports are flooding in that the shooter escaped after critically injuring one person at one of the nation’s largest churches led by Rev. Creflo Dollar. No word yet on whether or not he was injured.Β 

Whatever the case it’s like these men were wired tightly to something and the moment that wire is clipped they go on a shooting rampage, hurting and devastating several lives in the process. I’m just saying.

What do you think?


Credit: Yahoo News!

2 thoughts on “Men Be Tripping!

  1. If its a woman problem, I really don’t see why they would go on a rampage. There’s 3 times more women than men, plenty of fishes in the sea……otherwise, they need help.

  2. Personally I don’t get caught into the hype of megachurches cause those pastors, evangelists, etc. live rather lavishly. My Grandma always used to tell me that the gospel is not for sale nor should a so-called prophet exploit himself in such a way where money is concerned. Still, i wouldn’t wish for a shooting on them and i agree men be tripping excessively these days and its made me kinda scared

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