Shut up! Dead Man Interrupts His Own Funeral

Man turns up at his own funeral in Brazil. (via YouTube)

Leave it to Yahoo! to bring forth some rather interesting news, locally and around the globe. Anyways, while catching up on foreign affairs I came across a not so funny story but had be chuckling nonetheless. So it turns out that a Brazilian man, who was thought to be dead, showed up very much alive and at his own funeral. According to Yahoo, the 41 year old stunned his family and friends when he walked in on the ceremony being held at his mother’s house. I don’t know about you but I would certainly have fainted as well.

Now, how did this man end up getting declared dead to begin with is quite a story. Apparently, Gilberto, the name of the risen, was mistakenly identified on Sunday by his brother Jose at the city morgue, after being informed by the police. In Jose’s defense, he heard news that a car washer had been shot dead, and seeing as though Gilberto is a car washer and there aren’t a lot in the area (like really?) the police came to the conclusion that it was Jose’s brother. 

Police inspector Robert Lima said the two men look identical, and that the confusion was “understandable.” But such a mistake isn’t understandable to me and partly due to the fact that there wasn’t enough information provided to clarify how they got mixed up. But let’s leave that alone and move on to Gilberto. Where was he during the fiasco? Well, just hours before he was laid to rest a friend saw Gilberto “walking down the street” and told him that his family was grieving over his death. That alone is a shocker. To suddenly hear that you are presumed dead and your loved ones are mourning your loss isn’t something to laugh  at over biscuit and tea. 

Anyways, Gilberto rushed to his mother’s house and scared the living daylight out of many with the realization that he is in fact alive. So, who is the guy being buried? His name is Genivaldo. Once again, not enough information was provided so I can only speculate here on out. And whether or not he has a concerned family I don’t know, but that could’ve been the best burial he’ll receive before going under. 

This was indeed an interesting story of mistaken identity. Fortunately, one family is happy   with the outcome, but sadly another could be mourning. But one thing I’ve definitely gotten out of this is that Brazilians sure do bury their dead fast. Like next day fast. 

What are your thoughts on this news?

Credit:  Yahoo! News

5 thoughts on “Shut up! Dead Man Interrupts His Own Funeral

  1. Whoa! They really do bury their dead fast. They probably tossed the body, washed it down, and put it in storage for the real funeral. I mean, why let it go to waste? lol nah if i were them i’d donate it to the real dead guy’s family since he’s already lying in it.

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