Hey guys!

Thanks for all your feedback, we read each and every one of them. Some make us giggle like this one I’m going to address sent to us by a regular  reader.

The reader asked that we do a review of Taylor Swift’s new album, Red. Well, well, well. When Kai alerted me of this, I thought she must have banged her head somewhere and was still a bit disoriented.

Reason we are not going to do a review is based on a subjective fact, which is an oxymoron in and of itself.  Neither of us can stomach her music. Therefore, in light of this fact our dear reader we luwwwwwwwwwe you, but the review would be a  massacre, errm great disservice to her talent.  Our reviews are bias free. We plan on keeping it that way.  I hope you understand.


Editors-In-Chief of a non-accredited magazine

5 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Haha glad to know you gust are honest about it! but i totally understand. *cough cough i feel the same way about biebs*

  2. As much as I dislike her music and the fact that she has yet to prove herself as a singer (live). Lyrics wise, her songs have meaning.

  3. LMAO!! I figured it was something like that being that every other review requests had been fulfilled. Sad that you don’t like her music, though. But thanks for the honesty only a non-credited magazine would provide lol. Ya’ll are one of the honest webzines I’ve ever come across. Nice to know morality still exists on the web.

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