May J. Unveils “Brave” Album Covers & Tracklist

Jpop urban r&b singer May J. is getting ready to drop her 6th studio album, Brave, on December 5th. But until then, fans can admire the simple yet cool album covers for all three versions. Click an image to enlarge: 


Track listing:

1. Freedom
2. Rewind
3. Back To Your Heart feat. Daniel Powter
5. Never Again
6. 私がカバーガール
7. GO! GO! BABY♥
8. Eternally
9. My Bass
10. Interlude
11. Summer Breaker
12. Baby I Luv U

■ Music Video
1. 私がカバーガール
3. Back To Your Heart feat. Daniel Powter – Story Edition –
4. Rewind

※Special DVD
■“May J. Family Party!! Vol.5” @ 目黒 BLUES ALLEY <LIVE>
1. Amazing Grace
2. Summer Breaker
3. Wish
4. Say Ah!
5. Garden – Samba Ver. –

Pre-order Brave / May J. on CDJapan


5 thoughts on “May J. Unveils “Brave” Album Covers & Tracklist

  1. I am hoping this album is really good as her previous album and single, Rewind did not impress me at all. I miss her first mini and first album style of songs, they were amazing.

  2. May has an AMAZING voice. Not to mention she looks absolutely.. STUNNING in these pictures. So psyched for her comeback!

  3. Finally my favorite Jpop artist is back. I fell in love with every song on her previous album “Colors”. She is such a versatile artist.

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