[Giveaway Winner] HyunA’s “Melting” CD + Poster

Before I announce who the winner is I just wanna say that ya'll have been great and if you didn't win there'll always be other opportunities. The process was difficult but I do have a winner:


Please send an email to embraceme10@yahoo.com  including your full mailing address. 

Once again, thanks to everyone for the interest and sorry I couldn’t reward you all. But do continue to show your support and participate in future giveaways.


About Kai Morgan @embraceyoumag (1798 Articles)
Creative chick with an open mind and an open heart :)

5 Comments on [Giveaway Winner] HyunA’s “Melting” CD + Poster

  1. Congrats to Shar 🙂

  2. Congratulations Shari. I saw a kpop cd recently and trust me when I say that these ppl put a lot of effort into the creation of their albums. The booklets are much nicer than American ones but who in the US buys discs anymore?

    • girrrl, I seen Kai’s collection and I was like which book is that. They do put forth the effort.

      Congrats Shari!!

  3. OMG!!! I won! @ Megan Lucy, I will! Thank you Embrace you magazine!

  4. Congrats! Please treasure the album!

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