Sweet Tunes: “Imaginary” by Eli T.

Found this interesting song recently and thought I’d share it with our readers. The song’s called Imaginary, written and performed by Singapore artist Eli T. Have a listen and check out the deep lyrics below:

Gravity from your fellow man will tear you down if it can, yes it can
Takes more than just a lifetime to dry your fears in the end
I realize we compromise and fill our lies with empty finds, and pretend
To be someone we think we can

I tried it, I faked it
I tried to conceal it
I tried to believe me
I tried not to break but it hurt me to do itΒ 
To lie to myself
I don’t wanna be imaginary
Imaginary to me
I don’t wanna be imaginary to me

There was once when I was so lonely
A little voice told me that I could be
A little more, little more like somebody, anybody but me
I thought a little change would never hurt nobody
But in the mirror I couldn’t see what was left of me

Credit: slimsrose

3 thoughts on “Sweet Tunes: “Imaginary” by Eli T.

  1. Oh shit they sing English too! oh sorry for my ignorance that’s just such a surprise cos he sounds really fluent, oh but doesn’t Singapore speak fluent English? Gosh I’m so out of touch..nice song is what I’m trying to say

    1. I had the same reaction too, when I watched a Singaporean movie. They actually have 4 official language, which includes English and Chinese. Most speak English though.

  2. When I first heard this song I thought it was too short! It’s such a wonderful song, and he’s a really talented singer that should be heard all over the world.

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