It’s The Plumber. I’m Here To Fix Your Pipe!

is this okay for you?

Ladies and gentlemen, spilling your dirty laundry in public can be very detrimental to your reputation. I received a first hand view of that just recently. By the way, who says taking public transportation isn’t interesting?

This is what went down: I was waiting impatiently at the bus stop, being that my bus was unsurprisingly ten minutes late, and ended up being an unwilling witness to a confession between two best friends. So, turns out one of the ladies had a spur of the moment (heat rush) affair with the plumber only three hours before her man came home from work. I didn’t have to position myself to get further details of the juicy story because madam was being carelessly loud and vulgar about her naughty act. Mind you I wasn’t the only bystander at the bus stop.There were several others getting filled in. And I’m sure they were just as intrigued as everyone was as quiet as a church during prayer.

While the lady, who’s name is Stacey, went on to share deets with her friend, Greta, her husband appeared out of nowhere just in time to hear “f*****g him was so much better than doing it with Kevin.” It seemed strangely coincidental that he just happened to be there at that particular moment when such a sentence should come out. I mean, it’s almost like he had his suspicions and decided to take the day off to find out what was going on, but trust me when I say what transpired afterwards was even more interesting. 

“Bitch, what did you just say? I knew you was a ho before I married your ass but I never thought you’d do that to me? You just f****d that nasty mothaf****r? My friend knows him…” Were just some of the things Kevin had to say, along with “That mothaf****r* has STDs you stupid bitch.” The atmosphere became dreadfully awkward for everyone within proximity, including me. If a pin fell you’d probably hear it. And my uncomfortable feelings intensified with the fear that he seemed like he was about to hit her. Also, what made it confusing was how the best friend turned things around on Kevin and blamed him for  Stacey’s cheating on him. Ain’t that messed up? 

“Stacey wouldn’t have done that if you had been around so stop acting like its a big deal, bitch.” Greta was getting even more riled up than Kevin. Her reaction was beyond extra and over-the-top. She kept pointing in his face and shaking her body to reiterate her point. The whole time I furrowed in confusion at her behavior, which led me to wonder if she was even mentally stable. 

All three continued shouting at each other until the bus finally showed up. When it did, everyone rushed to get on and dismiss themselves from the drama. While taking a seat I glanced back to see Kevin walking away and Greta yelling at his back, “yea, that’s right. Walk away p***y.” It was clear to me that Kevin truly loves or loved Stacey, that was evident when I saw the pain in his near teary eyes. Stacey on the other hand I wasn’t sure about. In fact, it seemed like she was with him because he was providing for her and she wasn’t working at all. Before her session of clearing-the-chest, she did mention of hoping Kevin makes some real money soon so she can go shopping. Because apparently, she’s “tired of the cheap shit he’s always buying her.” Greta is still a mystery. Her status as a friend is quite questionable, as she managed to laugh at every single thing she said while cursing out Kevin. Maybe that’s me but I’m thinking as a friend, shouldn’t she try to calm the situation and get the two to talk maturely or take herself out of it altogether? But then again, maturity is obviously not something she practices as the last act I witnessed from her was bending over and skinning out her ass at Kevin’s back.

Indeed, that was quite an event. And one I wish not to experience again. But my fellow readers, ladies in particularly, bending over and telling a man to “lick my ass, bitch” is far from lady like behavior. Please refrain from portraying yourselves in such a light.  Just my thought. What are yours?

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One thought on “It’s The Plumber. I’m Here To Fix Your Pipe!

  1. LMFAO!! I hear these kinda stories a lot at my stop as well…girl! these ppl don’t know how to be discrete. But i feel for tha dude though, and that friend needs to go to go to charm school what’s wrong with her? lol

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