Rurutia: The Blissful Rain

There’s hardly any information circulating about Japanese singer/songwriter Rurutia, hell that’s not even her real name, but you can’t deny that her authentic and beyond amazing music is quite a mouthful. Just listen to her thrilling and breathy vocals complimented by thought provoking words and you’ll find yourselves encapsulated in a warm atmosphere soothing for the heart and soul.

It was almost four years ago when I discovered the talented lady. And at that time she mesmerized me with the beautiful melodies of Selenite. Of course, Rurutia was well in the music industry by then but coming across her songs was like relaxing under a tree and enjoying a sunny day in Spring, absolutely peaceful. I now invite you to listen to my favorite song, negai no todoku hi, and prepare to be swept away. That’s if you’re inclined to step out of your comfort zone and try something different.

Visit Rurutia’s official website

Credit: glay2hisashi

One thought on “Rurutia: The Blissful Rain

  1. Jeez! that leaf coming out her mouth scared me..but damnnnnnnnnn Kai, where you find these ppl at? You sure as hell are open minded cause I never would’ve found some of these artists on my own even if I live in a multi-cultural place like Sacramenton, Cali

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