That Baby’s Too Ugly To Be Mine!

are you my daddy?

So, in not-so-hilarious-but-makes-you-wanna-laugh-kind of news today, I discovered a case in China in regards to a husband who claims that the baby his wife gave birth to is too damn ugly to be his. Strange, I know. But Jian Feng strongly believed his daughter wasn’t his, so much so that he sued his wife and demanded a paternity test. According to court documents, Feng was utterly shocked at the child’s “extremely” ugly face and that the infant could absolutely not be his child, being that he and his wife are “beautiful.” But get this, after hearing the news that he is in fact the biological father of the child, Feng’s wife admitted to getting cosmetic surgery in South Korea.

Feng told the Irish Times his reasons for filing the lawsuit against his wife and their “ugly” child.

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”

Jian is now suing his wife, claiming that she tricked him into thinking she was a natural beauty and now he’s left with a ugly baby he probably can’t find in his heart to love. Crazy, I know.Β What’s even worse is that a judge sympathized with Feng and awarded him $120,000 for the pain and suffering. Bullshit. I mean, I can understand the surprise of learning she had work done and wasn’t honest about it. But that’s a baby, how can he be such a bastard.

that’s some good work

Anyways, we all know China has a one child policy and I’m assuming two, if your first born is a boy? So, in his eyes he’s at a loss because his ugly baby’s features horrify him too much. Whatever, get therapy and deal with it. This child did not ask to be born into such a predicament. And she’ll be the one to suffer most. Funny story, but serious at the same time.Β What do you think?

Source: Examiner

6 thoughts on “That Baby’s Too Ugly To Be Mine!

  1. By the way, the before and after pic……..just wow!!!! South Korea goes hard when it comes to going under the knife.

  2. Normally the first born daughter takes after the father. So if anyone should be blamed, it should be his bad genes. #worstfatheroftheyear

  3. he’s a jackass but this should be a lesson to all those celebs who go under the knife; altering your phenotype does not affect your genes.

  4. JESUS!!! Where they do that at? This dude needs to be bitch slapped. But then again, I have seen some hard to look at babies in my lifetime lol so a part of me can relate

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