Random Fuckery Points

Love is beautiful
  • It is snowing and raining at the same damn time! My East Coast lovers ya’ll better kiss the good weather goodbye.
  • Ya’ll I love, Dunkin Donuts vanilla chai, iced coffee, and now, gingerbread lattes. So, so damn good. I am hereby endorsing Dunkin Donuts for any Presidential bid it may have in the future. The pumpkin muffins are to die for. 
  • The Lens Crafters by my hood has a really shitty saleswoman aka, optician (well she had on a badge saying optician). This chick wasn’t trying to help a girl to buy a set of new glasses.  She did a once over, I guess I lacked out, as I didn’t look like money and yeah. ..There is a pair of Ray-Ban glasses I am dying to get. They fit perfectly. Mind you, I’m not into designer/brand anything [I’ll die for Apple], if anything, I’m a goodwill nutcase [read that as all things vintage], but ya’ll, them baybay’s hollered at me one time, and I was a complete  goner for them. The only thing is, new lenses plus prescription equals 300 odd dollars. Well, listen, I’m very resourceful and I’ve found knockoff, I mean, generic pairs that will only cost me $16. C’mon now!
  • These flowers made me tear a little bit today. Reminded me of my beautiful Africa. I breathe, eat, shit, love, live, did I say love Africa-DUH!—->54interviews 
  • Michael Kiwanuka is the best thing since microwaved to perfection Dunkin Donuts pumpkin muffin, slathered with butter! This brotha has been on replay all day long. Get familiar!
  • Ladies, get your brows done, threaded preferably! I’m telling ya’ll it will be a life changing, or, challenging experience [there’s this Indian chick that once did my brows and I thought she was maliciously trying to kill me! The pain ya’ll. ] When my brows are done, and I put on that red lip baby, game over! Try it.
  • It’s clear as day, that I do not want to write a blog post. It’s been a minute, since I wrote about anything that makes sense….I’m part of the exclusive club of nonsensical thrivers/thrivists? Whatev, you get my point
  • On Tuesday, I meant to do a review on R.E.D. Ne-yo’s new album, but I just succumbed to laziness.  He got a 7/10. It’s worth a listen. My favorite, song is Lazy Love
  • Do ya’ll know whether Terrell Owens is still looking for a job? I think he would make a great contributor to our non accredited magazine, non-existent sports section [I’m surprised too by my own assertion of a sports section, as if we know anything other than “oooh girrrl, he foiiiiiiiine”!]
  • Speaking of non-accreditedness, thank you to that poster.We have had great laughs over that term! Personally, I’ve been calling up various Ivy League institutions, tryna to get us accredited. Please do us a solid and direct us there…..we tryna up our game
  • We would appreciate if you would stop putting the word “magazine” in quotes. It hurts our feelings! Mine especially. Darn it! How can it be that we are non-accredited and, not a legitimate magazine?! The nerve of some of ya’ll [joking!!!!!!]

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