Whatever Happened to…?

R&B music. A genre deemed sexy, sensual, emotional, passionate, groovy, tasteful, for the talented vocalists, and often times contemporary. Like many, I’m a lover of rhythm and blues, in particular the 90s. Because in that era, there were people who actually could sing and performed songs that actually made sense. Its quite interesting how the genre hardly gets any recognition these days, and those who started out with r&b as their foundation have transitioned further into the beyond stale mainstream dance/pop. 

Don’t bother to wonder, THIS IS A RANT. I’m at my limits with today’s idea of “music” and am running out of patience as to when the substantial productions will return. It’s like anyone with auto-tune can go record a track and get airplay. Could the real singers please stand up? More like, will people acknowledge the presence of artists who deserve to be called artists because they truly have skills. Yes, I’ve said that constantly and will not give it a rest.  I’m bothered, sexed out, partied out, danced out. *Can someone please find Rihanna a great songwriter already and put an end to this repetitiveness? 

I’m in no way thinking that musicians from the 90s should takeover and dismiss the present entertainers from their respective thrones. I mean, “it’s a new generation of party people” after all, a-la J.LO. All I’m saying is, give something else a chance. Everything sounds the same; recycled, borrowed, exchanged, and all the words that boil down to generic. Revive the genre and appreciate the freshness it brings forth to the scene. There are some new r&b singers out there who can drop a note so why are they getting swept under the rug simply because they chose not to conform and jump on the bandwagon. And why aren’t their labels going hard for them? Well, there are things to consider, money for instance. 

If big names had taken a different path in music and brushed off the idea of going europop, I doubt they’d be banking it. Its all about the trend and what today’s youths are into. The craziness,  the I-don’t-give-a-f**k attitude (we all know its bullshit). But certainly they’re gonna run out of antics to remain press worthy, and all danced out to remain in clubs , on the radio, and on the charts. Maybe then the sleeping genres will creep up and acquire the interest they surely deserve.  

Give r&b a chance, as well as the other purposeful genres (and talented entertainers) getting stomped on. Because we all know none of these songs are memorable much less will be played in centuries to come. And just how long will these “artists” maintain their huge fan base when the current span of a musical career (that’s if you aren’t a strong vocalist) lasts 3 years, 4 tops. I’m just saying.

What do you think?

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4 Comments on Whatever Happened to…?

  1. R&B stopped being good back in 2006. But the best R&B for me was in 2004. Let me share with you a video I found on YouTube of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7piBauCukNQ Also the user has done plenty for years 2001-2009 so enjoy!

  2. Ive meant to write something like this on my webpage and you have given me an idea. Cheers.

  3. THANK YOU! Good to know i’m not alone. I don’t know what they fuck’s going on with music.

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