[November: Letter from the Editors] What makes your heart bubble?

Dear EY readers,

I always use the self-coined phrase, my heart is bubbling to describe things that are positively uplifting and soothingly calming to the soul. There are so many things, moments, and activities that make my heart bubble.  From sipping  Dunkin Donut’s iced lattes, chewing on Welch’s fruit snacks, especially the cherry bunch, to watching Uncle Obama.  It’s the simple things in life, or rather the understated, that make the most impact for me.  Although the feeling is short-lived, a lasting impression is made, as I find myself gravitating towards the same mundaness  madness,  or something similar, whenever I need that extra lift.  Think of it as a push up bra.  

This fall season, my heart has bubbled rapidly as a result of two circumstances that I’ve found myself in. First, shopping, second rain. I know my fashion posts here are limited like Beyonce’s vocabulary. Since I’m not in the know of what is fashionable, or on trend I try to run away from fashion related posts.  However, I sho’ do love fashion  style.  I love seeing individuals with style out and about [streetstyle blogs anybody?],  especially one that is distinctive and effortless.  There is nothing wrong with being a walking billboard for Forever 21, which by the way I love. But, what sets you apart from the next girl – style does.  

view 'Scarves' details

One way of cultivating style, is by incorporating vintage pieces into  your everyday wardrobe. Note, I did not say, the only way.  The great thing with vintage is it is a one of a kind unique affair.   You’d be hard pressed to find someone sporting the exact scarf above. Why? Vintage stores are not in the business of selling second time is the charm merchandise on a mass scale. Therefore you can rest assured of being part of a limited edition list. From experience, or it could be personal bias, I have found vintage apparel to be made for almost every single silhouette out there.  The pattern making focused of yesteryear focused on the structure of the dress, not the size of the wearer.  Currently, I’m in love with this Alicia Estrada, gorgeous army green 30s bombshell dress!  My, my, my.  This number just needs a pair of red heels, red painted nails, red lipstick, and clip on’s to serve as accessories and boom pow, get yo strut on. 


Secondly, I’ve discovered that the rain makes my heart bubble. The tap, tap, tap, on my window as the rain beats my window, grey skies gather up above, and the crashing sounds of thunder and random sparks of lightening  inspire a lot of creativity in me. That’s when I’m most ‘on’, and unfortunately most sleepy! I’ll be in the midst of brainstorming, and suddenly like a possessed woman, I trudge off into lalaland.  The power nap that ensues, is the most pleasurable and fulfilling. All thanks to water falling from the heavens.

Lastly, you our dear reader, make both our heart bubble! Every comment, feedback, insult is highly appreciated around these parts. This is why, we continue to bring you the content that we do. So, we want to know what makes your heart bubble?

Yours in unaccredited cheekiness,


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