Music Review: One Direction “Take Me Away”

Take Me Home

Release date: November 13, 2012

Label: Syco Music/Sony

Purchase: Amazon | iTunes

I had no idea who One Direction was until finally deciding to check them out after constantly seeing the group’s name trending on twitter. The English has surely been invading the States, with a great amount of talented vocalists, but as far as One Direction is concerned, I have mixed views. 

Right off the success of their debut album, One Direction is hoping to make the same impact with their sophomore attempt, Take Me Home. It’s possible the group will score another hit or fall victim to the second album curse. There’s no denying their positions on the charts so far, but just how good is the overall package? Let’s find out:

Indeed, Live While We’re Young is a bubbly, cute and catchy pop number, but I can’t get over that line “tonight let’s get some…”  I don’t know whether to be amused by the play of words or ponder on what they’re promoting in mainstream. But then again, that’s nothing compare to others. The album opener and lead single is energetic, fun, gives off a summer feel, and overall suits airplay and what today’s youth are into. Not exactly my favorite track, but cool enough to lighten the mood.

Kiss You continues the fun and young love concept. While the electric guitar explodes in the background, the majority of the track is urban pop influenced. The vibrancy makes it a standalone to be considered for promotion but its the mid-range and acoustic Little Things that demonstrates the vocal abilities of these guys. And I must say I like their sound now that it’s laid back and chilled. The melodies are beautiful and the words are real; I’d much rather hear subtle ballads like this stripped of intensified instruments with the exception of a soft range guitar. An excellent choice as the second single.

Don’t hold on to the passionate feeling too long because C’mon C’mon knocks the mellow mood right out of the air. The dance fused track blasts off from start to finish. Its certainly a electro pop number with an addictive hook, sure to get you on your feet in the clubs. But mind you, this wouldn’t work with fist pumping. 

I feel like Last First Kiss should’ve come in right after Little Things. The transition sounds off adding it after the previous, but this would’ve worked much better if placed with the acoustic number because both vibe off each other’s lyrics. That said, Last First Kiss is very enjoyable, impeccably produced, and mesmerizing.

I found Heart Attack to rather annoying. What’s up with those corny rocking out moments that just don’t work? No matter where the track went I lost interest the moment it started playing. Just sounded off balanced. Rock Me, on the other hand, is banging. I dislike the arrangement of this album so far. Why do they have good, passable, great, disastrous? Anyways, sexy number, single worthy. Rock Me lives up to its title portraying nothing but rock rudiments. That heavy drum beat also pounds hypnotically on my mind.

Change My Mind surprised me. I initially expected the track to continue on as another acoustic number but once the instruments dived in my heart erupted. The highlight of the track are those harmonies toward the end. This is quite a memorable song and one I’ll be playing for days to come.

Have you ever had that feeling where you know you’ve heard something before. The overall music and melodies just sound too familiar? Well, that’s the sensation I get from I Would. I was completely overwhelmed by the track’s generic essence that I barely made it through. It’s an okay song, but nothing new or memorable.

Whenever the guys settle down and wrap their voices with acoustic instruments, there’s an indie feel that purifies the atmosphere because their voices are actually sweet like june plum to listen to. All the mushiness aside, Over Again gave me such a rush. I fell into the embrace of the words and music, and opened my heart entirely to let the song in. This wasn’t the usual pop number, there are influences of rock heard throughout. After the song ends, Back to You had me saying what the efff? Once again, the transition seemed rushed and I didn’t get enough time to soak in the mid-tempo vibe of the previous because the next is usual more upbeat, loud, and misplaced. Back to You is acceptable but not exactly imprinted in my head.

They Don’t Know About Us is very catchy and addictive. The words are relatable, substantial, and refreshing. The sound is groovy, fiery, vibrant, and electrically charged. Not to mention their voices are sexy throughout, especially during the bridge. I wouldn’t mind this one making its way to the singles charts either.

Summer Love closes out the album in a mixture of acoustic melodies and pop elements. Its reminiscent of the past and breezily takes us to the days of bathing in the sun. I enjoyed the youthful feel of the track and lyrical play on the seasons. The mood is somewhat sad and lonely; I can’t help but anticipate the moment where happiness is found. It wasn’t a banging conclusion, but a nice one regardless.

One Direction? I think they do have potential. But honestly, there’s no wow factor, fireworks, explosions, or overall epicness in their music. Its more like a hot for the minute, and I wait to see where they’ll go next. Will they evolve or continue making the same teeny pop tracks? Today’s music lovers don’t hold on to the same thing over time so I’m expecting a change in artistry soon. In the case of Take Me Home, its endurable enough. A delightful package for the young at heart that’ll carry on for as long as promotion continues but disappears as soon as something else takes its place. Rest assured, these tracks will be forgotten like their predecessors as nothing astonishing exists in the music to make them end up as classics. But like I said, it’s entertaining for now.

Rating: 4/5


Track listing:

01. Live While Were Young 02. Kiss You 03. Little Things 04. C'mon C'mon 05. Last First Kiss 06. Heart Attack 07. Rock Me 08. Change My Mind 09. I Would 10. Over Again 11. Back to You 12. They Don't Know About Us 13. Summer Love


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