Not exactly the usual English headline but this is a special one. The Korean words you’re breaking apart simply translate to “I love you, don’t leave…” which is the starting line in the popular song, The End is Coming, performed by the gifted South Korean trio 8eight. I’ve decided to participate in today’s Daily Post ‘This is Your Song, because this has been one of my favorites since its release.

The End is Coming is both bittersweet and beautiful all at once. The song reminds me to hold tight to love when it exists because you never know when you might lose something so precious, whether in life or death. Please take a moment to listen and feel the over-pouring emotions within the music.

 I love you (I love you) Don’t leave (I’m sorry)
Without you, I (Without me, you)
I am nothing (Will be okay)
I love you (I love you) Please don’t do this to me
How can you just leave me like this
I knew it the minute you opened the door and came in
Because I know within a second by just looking at your expression
Your tensed voice, as if you have something to say
I know what you were going to say to me
I didn’t want to hear it, I wanted to push the moment away
I kept distracting you with useless stories 
I evade your lips and act like I don’t know
I try to change the topic but I already knowThe end is coming, the last of it is here
The tears that I must get used to are beginning to flow
Words that I used only for you
But they’re all useless now
I know that and still say it, I love you
Even if it makes sense now, there is no meaning to it
Words of my love for you
No matter how hard I scream it, your ears don’t hear it
Stop talking, even if my heart speaks to you
It keeps repeating the same words
Even if you tell me to stop
(Even if you try to stand up and leave me behind)
Even if you leave
(I hold you back and tell you I love you like the fool I am)
Even if I cry, you have to smile
I try my best to erase your expression full of annoyanceThe end is coming, the last of it is here
The tears that I must get used to are beginning to flow
Words that I used only for you
But they’re all useless nowLove is leaving, my love is leaving me
A one and only love for me
She’s throwing me away
No matter how hard the tears flow, I don’t feel embarrassment
I repeat the same words
I love you (I’m sorry, don’t hold me back)
I love you (Even without me)
Without you, I’m (I hope you’re happy)
It’s nothing
I’m sorry (I love you)
Please meet a nice woman
Forget how bad I was to you
I love you, I love you

Credits: All About Lyrics + KoreanMVTV

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