Sex in the air? I do care, especially at 3 in the morning

Oh boy do I have some stories to share of my days living in an apartment complex. Believe me I’ve heard it all; from late night phone calls to late night booty calls. Indeed, I have heard it all. The ceiling and I never managed to develop the greatest friendship instead it irritated the hell out of me when I tried to get work done, or when I tried to get a good night’s rest. People can sometimes forget, or maybe they just don’t care enough to consider their surroundings. What ever happened to discretion? Not only as a policy to yourself but for the sake of others.

You can’t begin to imagine the many late nights I woke up to the sound of loud and dirty sex talk over the phone, which usually goes on into the wee hours. You might wonder “why didn’t you bang the ceiling and scream shut up?” but I was
always too tired and without sufficient energy to render a heavy blow. Also, there were times I would hear vulgar and erotic moaning, and the creaky sounds of a memory mattress being tortured in the midst of wild and ferocious sex sessions.  Like I’ve said, I heard it all. My way of dealing with such torment was by utilizing my ear plugs. But often times I just didn’t want to be bothered by it all. 

Such things I wouldn’t dare think of doing so loudly, in an apartment. There are people living under and above so its important in such cases to strictly practice the significance of privacy. I’ve experienced being on the phone talking while the time passes by, but certainly my conversations didn’t go as far from where I sat. My point is this, though I think I hinted at it already, keep your shit quiet and try not to disturb the public. Nobody wants to hear your business. That’s just me though.

What do you think? Have you ever experienced such cases before?

4 thoughts on “Sex in the air? I do care, especially at 3 in the morning

  1. I probably would’ve waited on them one day and give them a fine piece of my mind. what a bunch of inconsiderate morons

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