The BeSpoke Gentleman

Ozwald Boateng the original king of bespoke. 

Ya’ll should peep our first editorial letter, in which we discuss style.

Style is a by-product of fashion, which enables an individual to distinguish themselve from the masses. In the past couple of years, there has been a rise in street fashion centric blogs, which do exactly this-showcase personal style. Be it through snapping daily pics of self in various states of undress, or others in the street who are working the cotton/woolen/paper fabrics that hides their nakedness.

No longer are we reliant on fashion magazines to guide us, or rather show us how to dress. There are everyday folks like you and I, dedicated to the art of looking, feeling and being stylish. Some have been so successful, that they have transitioned and become walking fashion brands.  

The daper gentleman look, in a well tailored look has made a sure comeback, and is here to stay. Tailoring is a time honored profession where clothes are made to order in a very specific manner, altered, or repaired. In the U.K., tailoring is known as bespoke! Savile Row, is the heart of it all. Much like, the fashion district in New York City.  Today’s post is dedicated towards, the bespoke gentleman.  Enjoy!

Peep the red socks. These Street Etiquette gentlemen are wearing well tailored suits. 

An intimate look at the details…..the double breasted plaid green is making my heart bubble.

Say what you will about his in-laws, but Scott Disick has examplary style. Turururu, I’m loving it.

The pocket square finally makes its debut. Pederr Lamm is sho’ serving it to us! Find out more about him, here.

 I have the most STOOOOOPID crush on this man right hurr.

I think I’m going to make this my desktop. Oh my!

Talk about a trashy double breasted look.

Ouigi, affectionately known as the Beardedman, is the founder of Brooklyn Circus  a  fine men’s clothng and vintage store in Brooklyn. I’ve been to his store, and it is nothing short of artistic geniousness. If you scour this site, you will find either a feature of him or his store [can’t quite remember], and he shall continue to be featured on here till kingdom come. I fell in love with his impeccable style in 2009, when I first discovered his existence. 


Brothers, how you doing? I wanna hear from ya’ll today!


2 thoughts on “The BeSpoke Gentleman

  1. oooooiiiiiiiiiiiii girl you have me drooling like an idiot. Pour me a cup of all dem chocolate drinks right there. Okay, great fashion post girl. But that second to last, even though he fine, it looks like he has nipples. those buttons are clearly misplaced or that jacket’s just not for him.

    1. hahaha@misplaced buttons. Girrrrl, these brothas are just….no words can even begin to make my statement coherent enough to explain myself.

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