Music Review: Darla Beaux’s “Rebel Soul” EP

Release date: March 19, 2013

Purchase: iTunes

Are you ready for some soulful, timeless, and all in all REAL music? Then I invite you to give Darla Beaux’s “Rebel Soul” EP a good long listen. The five track record had me hooked from the opening song, and left me anticipating more by the last. The talented songstress sent fire under my skin with her mature and powerful vocals; I did a double take hearing she was only fourteen years old. One would never guess such impressive ranges were coming from a teen, but Darla has proven that age is indeed nothing but a number. 

In all honesty, this is great music.  And I mean great as in the kind of music that’ll leave you awestruck. Can you really describe anything like that these days? *crickets*. Let’s start with the first track, “Summer Dream“. You will without a doubt feel summer in the air after listening to this islandish, melodic, addictive number. The music is well constructed with a luscious arrangement of captivating instruments. I felt as if I was strolling on a boardwalk out in California or riding waves in Hawaii. It’s the kind of feeling that brings back the warm and fun days of Summer. I have no questions as to why this would be the first single because it definitely sets the tone for the direction in which the record went in musically. There’s a old school blues/pop/soul vibe settling in already but “Rebel Soul“, the title track, really takes the crown for most old school inspired on the record. I hate doing comparisons but I gotta say that emotions were high on this number because I felt a similar energy to that of Amy Winehouse. And that is how I feel about Darla’s music. It’s like Amy Winehouse and Adele produced a baby.


Okay, moving on. “Sorry Not Sorry” and “Fallen for You” would have to be my absolute favorite tracks on the EP and I guarantee that on first listen they’ll be your favorites as well. “Sorry Not Sorry” brings out a fierce Darla; she’s over it and she means it. The singer’s voice is well complimented by the just as fiery instruments, combining efforts to get her point across that she’s “not sorry” at all. Darla’s taking the higher road on this groovy moving on anthem for the ladies. Her natural flow intensifies towards the end and you can’t help but ride along with her. While the previous enforces having the strength to walk away, “Fallen for You” gets vulnerable and sexy.  The song captures everything I’ve been missing in music lately; soul, depth, honesty, just something worthwhile to hold on to. The kind of song that tugs on your heart and leave you bawling like a baby in the middle of your living room because you’re so completely in love and you can’t find the right words to express all you want to express. Well, maybe not to that extreme but my interpretation is good. Isn’t it? In any case, “Fallen for You” is a beautiful song for romantics and otherwise. Its hard to move on from this track once I start going on about it but I simply cannot escape the awesomeness of the final song, “Do Right“.


The EP concludes in a more upbeat and reach-out-for-your-dreams kind of vibe. I love it. The message is encouraging and straight from the heart. “Do Right” is a great motivator for those feeling uninspired. And a reasonable contender for second single. 

So, in closing, “Rebel Soul” was near perfection. Sad that its just an EP with only five songs but now I’m seriously, not even patiently, waiting for a full length album. C’mon Darla, the tone is set. I’m starving for more, so much more. “Rebel Soul” gets 5/5


Track listing

01. Summer Dream
02. Rebel Soul
03. Sorry Not Sorry
04. Fallen for You
05. Do Right


Image credit: Marcel Vocino

Hair and Makeup: Giovanna Lieb. — at @ Edge Studio Los Angeles.

Find more info on Darla by checking out her official sites:

One thought on “Music Review: Darla Beaux’s “Rebel Soul” EP

  1. Get outta here! she’s only 14 years old? singing like that? Whoa! I’m impressed. Nice review and I’m going to drop in on Darla’s coming showcases in LA.

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