When pigs swim!

While browsing the latest news via Yahoo! I came across something rather disturbing. Though, I doubt disturbing is even the appropriate word for the highlight of the day. Turns out 2,800 pigs were dumped in a Shanghai river as a result of severe measures being taken against contaminated pork. What a way to solve a problem, by creating another. As of now no contamination has been detected in the water but seriously, what were those people thinking? Well, they can’t exactly get consumers to purchase pork because of government crackdown so it’s very understandable for them to rid themselves of the pigs. But I doubt the water supply for many civilians is the perfect place to do so.

According to theΒ Shanghai Agriculture Committee, they have no idea what caused the pigs to die (yea, right), but they have detected a sometimes-fatal pig disease in at least one of the carcasses (sounds watered down). The disease is associated with the porcine circovirus, which is widespread in pigs but doesn’t affect humans or other livestock.

Huang Beibei, a resident of Shanghai, was the first to expose the problem when he took photos of the carcasses and uploaded them onto his blog on Thursday.

“This is the water we are drinking,” He wrote. “What is the government doing to address this?”

Officials say the river isn’t contaminated with any diseases but really? How can they say that when dead pigs floating around in drinking water is contamination in itself. And it just stirs me up how they even went on to say that it isn’t known how serious the problem is. Well, take a look at those photos. If that’s not serious enough I don’t know what is.

What do you think about this news?

Source: Β 2,800 pigs dumped in shanghai river

One thought on “When pigs swim!

  1. Lawd Jesus! it seems everytime i turn around i hear another immoral act coming from this country, first it was that woman getting beaten senseless in the middle of a busy street, now its pigs getting dumped in a river that serves millions of household…sweet mother of Jesus, what is wrong with the mindset of those people

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