Daily Prompt: Stranger

Today’s daily prompt certainly didn’t get a lot of thinking out of me. Because immediately after reading the question that stranger popped right up in my head. He’s someone I’ll never forget, and no, it’s not on a level of attraction or anything like that. It’s just the way in which he reacted to my compliment: “Good job.”  Yes, that’s all I said to him. “Good job” meant he did great in repainting a house nearby where I used to live. The color was lovely, appealing, pulled the eyes. I liked it. I saw him doing the work, and I commended him on a job well done. But his reaction, “thank you, thank you”, not once but twice, made me wonder how many times people actually acknowledged his hard work and said “good job”.

The way in which he said “thank you” sounded as if it wasn’t often that anyone applauded him. So sad. But for some reason I kept hoping that after that day he would receive all the “good job” he needed to motivate him to keep it up.  I’ll never forget that stranger and his gratitude toward me. He appreciated it. And it made me want to do the same thing time and again whenever I see someone doing something good. 

Sometimes people, including myself, need that pep talk, that motivation to push us on. I love designing. And in all honesty, it ignites my fire when someone likes my work and makes me want to design more. I guess you can say it boosts my ego.  I’m not saying we can’t do anything unless someone says it to us, but really there are times when we need to hear it.

You get my point, right. Acknowledge someone’s efforts and compliment them on a job well done. Even if it took a stranger to remind me how important it is to do that. Because others need to hear “good job” as much as I do. 


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