Palm to Palm Skirt

Look what I found! An online boutique offering trendy, edgy, and eye-catching fashion. Tobi is a members only store offering cool bargains like 50% off your first order and 30% off new arrivals, on not only clothing but shoes and accessories  And guess what fashion lovers? There’s also free shipping on orders. So, this is definitely an online fashion store you need to shop at. Just check out these hot new items: 

Gigi cutout dressGloria lowcut boydcontulips are better than one dress

Halter Twist Front RomperFloral It's Worth Skater Skirttobi tori san tank top

 Gypsy Junkies Talulah Maxi Dresschrissy cross tank topCaseylin Cold Shoulder Top

chinese laundry lucky charmChinese Laundry Ladies Night Heelsbelt me up sandal

skulleton banglesTobi Colored Chevron Design BraceletBow and Arrow Necklace

See much more when you visit Tobi

Credits: Tobi

4 thoughts on “Tobi

  1. Do they make clothes 4 fat ppl like me? Cuz all im seeing is pure skinny, unattractive, malnourished girls….Does UN know about this site (Toby)? Where did u get these models from? Out of an anorexic hospital?

    1. You have a point but my gosh there’s no need for the animosity. Tobi makes clothes for everyone, sadly, they don’t have curvy models but I simply wanted to showcase their styles not the body type of their girls.

    2. Ms. Stacy, I’ve checked the site out and its true they don’t have plus size models, but they do cater to “real” women, besides the outfits are nice compared to the clothes being sold in store for plus size women…

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