Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation…and then some!

Today’s daily post topic is about appreciating art enough to purchase it, or dismiss it due to the artist’s lifestyle and political beliefs. In my opinion, if the art looks sensible enough and I feel a strong connection to it then, I might purchase it in spite of the artist’s political views because honestly I have none. And that’s only if I can afford to purchase it, as in I’m not going to spend a month’s rent on an item that I can neither eat nor give myself oxygen. Now, I should put it out there that I will not support the individual or group (not even dare define them as artists) if the piece is at the expense of life, say 9,000 butterflies kept in captivity and struggle to death, Β a decapitated cow on showcase, or a splash of colors on a canvas (what is that? seriously). You get my drift. Also, if there’s disrespect in the song in any way or form towards a religious belief, a particular race, etc. If it includes lyrics about murdering a village and raping the women and children, or bathing in a bathtub of blood or grinding on a nude doll in music videos. The list goes on. But my answer to them all is No. I will certainly not support much less buy.

All I’m saying is, a clean (no foolishness included) and artistic work will get my attention and (if cheap enough) my money. So, I guess it really is based on the artist’s lifestyle and beliefs after all. Because who wants to buy “art” depicting something uncomfortably insane or straight up atrocious. I’m just saying.

How about you? Does it matter what the artist’s lifestyle & political views are for you to be interested in the art?

Image Cred: IvyGate

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation…and then some!

  1. Good point. I can’t stand some of the stuff people rap/sing about and i hate stupid things they put on displays and call it art.

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