[Exclusive] Meg Myers Gives Us “Heart”

Whoa! Who is the singer behind such emotionally driven vocals? That was the question I asked the first time I heard the song “Heart Heart Head“. I find it a bit sad that I’m only now discovering this musician but I’m most certainly happy that I did. Meg Myers has three things I listen out for in music: truth, passion, and heart. She has the ability to pull you in with every note. And I enjoy her far from pretentious lyrics. It was quite a pleasure being able to interview the incomparable Meg Myers and I invite you to check out her very interesting answers. But make sure you check out her latest, “Heart Heart Head“, before doing so. because then you’ll understand the treat you’re in for:

Tell us about your life growing up in the Smoky Mountains, and when did you realize you wanted to be a musician. 

I was born in Nashville and lived in the Smokey Mountains until I was around 4-5, then I moved to Toledo Ohio with my mom for 8 years, and then to South Florida for 8 years. I came out to LA by myself when I was 20. My dad has always stayed in Tennessee and he now has a cabin in the Smokey Mountains that he built, so TN has always felt like home to me, even though I wasn’t technically raised there.
My mom and dad, and older brother are extremely musical, they play by ear..mostly guitar and piano and sing, so I was always around it. When I was like 9 my dad bought me a guitar but we had to pawn it for money. I messed around on keyboard and wrote little songs when I was 11-12 but didn’t really start getting into creating music until I picked up bass at 13 and then guitar.

…listen to my music and decide for yourself what sets it apart.

Who are some of your biggest influences?
Growing up they were Sting, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, TLC, James Taylor, Enya, Heart, Tracy Chapman, Jewel, Goo Goo Dolls, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Silverchair, RHCP, Vast, Joan Osborne..
You’re being compared to Fiona Apple, Sinead O’Connor, and Alanis Morrissette. But describe Meg Myers‘ style and what sets it apart from the rest.
Hmm.. I’m compared to them, I think, because they are all leading women with powerful voices and good songwriters, and they pour a lot of emotion into their music. Also, they’re a little crazy:)  One thing that sets me apart from them musically, is DRR’s production, and the electronics incorporated into most everything. I don’t really know what else to say.. listen to my music and decide for yourself what sets it apart.
What’s the story behind Daughter in the Choir? 
Daughter in the choir is a lyric from my song Curbstomp, which is about letting go. DRR and I started writing together and decided to put the songs out as an EP. I was going through some hard times and most of the songs are about that. relationship blues.

…it’s a deep yearning for something that doesn’t exist. maybe it’s a ghost or just something inside of you.

I know you’ve written all the tracks alongside Doctor Rosen Rosen, but is there one or two that you consider your absolute favorite? Why?
It kinda changes up for me depending on where I’m at in my life or what mood I’m in. I’m constantly changing. Lately in rehearsal I’ve really been appreciating After You. Mostly though, I’m just excited for the new songs!
Your latest single, Heart Heart Head, is a chilling, emotional track that I really love. In my opinion, that intensity towards the end of the song emphasizes on your feelings. Can you explain exactly what inspired the lyrics?
Thank you. HHH was inspired by a few things… which are too hard to explain in detail, but basically it’s about a deep yearning for something that doesn’t exist. maybe it’s a ghost or just something inside of you. It’s about turning to the wrong places and sleeping around and being unfulfilled and that thing always haunts you. That yearning for true love or something. It’s really difficult to put into words, but I always try. Maybe I should stop 🙂
Now that we have this wonderful new single, when can we expect a full length album?
Working on the album now.. I don’t have a date unfortunately. Perhaps this year or next.
Meg, how would you say you’ve evolved over the years, musically? 
I’ve really opened up to so many different genres of music over time, and that definitely has an impact on my creating. I never want to be put in a box musically. DRR has opened my eyes to so many beautiful ways of creating and writing. For me, I just have to feel what i am doing… if i’m connected to it, that’s what matters. But I also believe it’s good to try new things, and if you truly hate it then fine, shut it down, but if it makes you tingle in a new way, well that’s magic baby.
And where do you hope to go from here on?
Writing always, touring this year! Putting out another song/video this year.. maybe two. maybe three.
It was great having you, Meg. Please leave a message to your fans, and aspiring musicians.
Don’t compare yourself to anyone. It’s okay to be inspired by someone or something, but be brave and do YOU.
Find out more by visiting meginthedark.com
Image credit: Amanda Rae Stephens

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