After School Teases…with Pole Art?

So, my love for this South korean girl group goes way back to their days of ‘Ah’. With or without Kahi (obviously without) I continue to show my support for After School because I see something in this group I can’t pinpoint in others, unlimited creativity. After School constantly breaks the mold; giving a fresh style with every release. I mean, look at their latest, First Love, is that different or what. No, I don’t mean different as in never done before ever, but different for them. The group delivers far from played out concepts and I love how they keep improving single after single. Okay, praises aside, just check out the teasers for their latest release. Oh, also, I must add that E-Young is beyond musically talented.


Press Statement: AFTERSCHOOL 6th Maxi Single Album [First Love]
Talking about first love in your fainted memories…The captivating girls are back with pole art!

Title song ‘First Love’, the funky and groovy sound, shows After School’s emotional voice color and sensitive side that you’ve never seen before. After School and Brave Sound will be expressing ‘beautiful memory in black-and-white photograph’ through the song ‘First Love’, making After School become someone’s first love.

Credits: Pledis Youtube

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