Someone’s In Need of Lip-syncing Lessons


I love Mariah Carey. I really do. And I understand very well the hardships of giving a perfect performance when you’re voice is tired. But come on now, as a veteran in the music business is it that hard for her to pull off lip-syncing. Didn’t she get enough practice of something? But hey, maybe it means she’s more of a live performer. Who am I to make assumptions. I’ve never been to any of her shows. But as a fan I was utterly embarrassed for the diva last night at the BET Awards when she failed to pretend right. Suddenly, I had flashes of Ashlee Simpson’s SNL lip-syncing flop that remarkably made her even more popular. Go figure.Ā 

Anyways, Mariah please get yourself some lip-syncing lessons if you plan on doing that more in the future. Though, she looks rather great doing it. That’s just my opinion on the matter. Tell us what you think.

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